Why My Holy Joy?

What's in a name?

I stumbled across my holy joy as a name Augustine gives for God in his Confessions. It transformed my way of thinking of and addressing this awesome God I serve, and it sums up the lessons God has taught and is teaching me.

My || He is my eternal Abba who delights in me as the most caring father delights in his children. I come before Him with no fear and with perfect confidence. He indwells me. I rest in Him.

Holy || God exists as transcendent perfection. Holy, holy, holy is He. I must come before Him in awe and reverence. My sin hinders me and falls short of the holiness to which He calls me. This journey toward holiness -- away with the old, in with the new -- consumes me now. His perfection, His being, His majesty overwhelms me as only beauty and light can.

Joy || The Christian life consists mainly of joy -- not insecurity, failure, and terror, not complaints, self-loathing, and unworthiness. Joy belongs to the one who rests, not to the one who tries in her own strength. It transcends the negativity, confusion, and sin of this life and brings the hope of heaven directly to the present circumstance.