About Bailey

My vocation is giving hope -- a funny thing for a cynical twenty-something-year-old woman who struggles with faith. But a tenacious, bleeding, against-all-odds hope that God will save me, hope that life gets better than this, hope that I too can change -- that keeps me going.

My biggest passion is a correct understanding of how to live life, particularly as Christian women. On an academic level, I'm writing my senior thesis on the early church's view of womanhood and the so-called feminization of the modern church. On a daily level, I write this blog -- a bit of my quirky perception on how life is and how life ought to be.

I majored in Christian studies with a concentration in British literature at Hillsdale College. That place taught me how pursuing understanding through faith results in the good, the true, and the beautiful.

I'm marrying my opposite, my best friend, and my fellow student Erich on May 15, 2016. We have no idea what we're doing with our life, but we've got love, some job applications floating around, and a whopping trust that God will provide. (If you know of any chemistry careers for him or editing jobs for me, drop me a line.)

I grew up in legalistic fundamentalism, as evidenced by my passionate arguments for narrow views on women and God in this blog's archives. Leaving the fundamentalist mindset for Christian freedom and grace was the hardest thing I've done. It's overwhelming to switch from legalism to faith, a switch that many young people don't survive with belief intact. Despite my frequent struggles with the act of faith itself, I'm blessed to still call myself a Christian. As far as church traditions go, I currently lead worship at a loving Baptist church and surround myself with mentors of all denominational stripes. I've never lost the fundamentalist emphasis on truth, holding tight to the Nicene Creed, but leaning more sacramental and high church after reading through the entirety of Scripture and studying church history.

Thanks for hanging out in my corner of the internet! Want to chat? Email me at baileybergmann@charter.net. I try to answer all emails in a timely manner, but school comes first!