Sorry I've Been AWOL, but I've Had an Engaging Semester

2:35 PM

October 29 was a blustery day, what Winnie the Pooh calls a "winds-day." Erich woke up that morning, discerned the weather was nice enough, and thought, "I should probably propose today." So he put the ring in his pocket and waited for an opportune moment.

I'd known he bought a ring. I'd known for weeks. And I let him know daily that I knew. He fake proposed twice to throw me off his tracks. After fake proposing to me over lunch, he said, "Let's go chase leaves!"

We ran around in his backyard trying to catch leaves. The mailman thought we were crazy. His housemate thought we were crazy. I thought we were crazy. But forty minutes later, I was still trying to catch a stupid leaf.

"I'm going inside to do homework," I told Erich.

"Nope," he told me. "You're not going inside until you catch a leaf."

"Well," I said. "Will you marry me if I catch a leaf?"

"Sure," he said. "I have nothing to lose."

But I did catch a leaf. I celebrated my newly found eye-hand coordination with much screaming and jumping, and when I turned around to mock Erich's doubt at my abilities, THERE HE WAS ON HIS KNEES AND THERE WAS THE RING OF MY DREAMS AND NOW I'M ON THE GROUND AND HERE I AM SCREAMING MY LUNGS OUT BECAUSE ASDFGHJKL I'M ENGAGED (and oops, I just dropped the leaf that won this bet).

He just grinned at me. Didn't say anything, just grinned. "Are you going to ask me something?!" I asked twice. He grinned more. "Will you marry me?"

And of course I said yes.

NB: I'll be Mrs. Steger on May 15, 2016, a day after we graduate. Sorry it took me so long to announce this! It's been an insanely hard, busy semester with no time for blogging. I'll start blogging again in the upcoming week.

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  1. Awwww! Oh my goodness, congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

    So I've actually been reading your blog for a long time (and loving it!), but I don't think I actually ever commented... So congratulations, again, and blessings. May God guide your feet into the way of peace.

  2. Congrats! :) I'm so happy for you.

  3. Wooooohooooo!!! So exciting!! Congratulations!!

  4. P.S. Also a reminder, cupcakes and something white. *nodnod* *wink*

  5. So excited for you Bailey! I've been looking forward to this. Will you keep blogging after you're married? Please say yes!

  6. Congratulations! That is really exciting!

  7. You two are the absolute cutest, and I'm super happy for you! :)

  8. A perfect engagement story for you guys!!! You have survived this waiting period with hard-fought patience and it is finally time to head out into this crazy thing they call "life" - and you get to go together!! Praising God for His goodness in your lives!!

    ~ Vicki

  9. Congratulations. A very entertaining story. If your story is correct in all pertinent details, I fail to see how Erich could do otherwise. Although, I suppose my congratulations should be to him, not to you; I know you, somewhat, and so somewhat know what Erich is getting. However, I have no idea what you are getting. He may be the most wonderful man in the world, that still wouldn't, necessarily, in my opinion, make him good enough for you. [stated completely deadpan]

    What is it like being engaged? What are the discernible differences, from your previous relationship, if any?

    Are you marrying as "fish" or "birds"? You know: Catholic or Baptist? I mean churchwise, not beliefwise. More along the lines of in which church? and who does your marriage counseling? Do you actually do marriage counseling?

    I am happy for you, in that you are happy concerning this set of events. I rejoice with you in your rejoicing.

    And congratulate Erich for me, he has found a good thing.

    -Daniel Abbott

    1. Aww, thanks, Daniel! He's pretty much the best person ever and so perfect for me. :)

      The biggest difference between engagement and dating is just the relief of being able to openly talk about getting married and to directly work towards marriage. Up until the day Erich put a ring on it, he held back just a little bit in discussing wedding and marriage plans. Engagement broke the final emotional barrier, so to speak, and acknowledged that both he and I were completely on the same page with wanting to spend our lives together. There's also a greater joy in and respect of our relationship from other people, which is a fun bonus. :)

      We're getting married in a Baptist church, and the pastor of that church is doing our "official" marriage counseling. A Catholic professor and his wife are also giving us marriage counseling from a couple's perspective. Erich left the Catholic Church, and we're strongly considering being chrismated into the Eastern Orthodox Church. We just don't feel like we have the time or emotional energy to officially change church traditions during our last semester of college while planning a wedding and a marriage. More posts on that later. :)

      Thank you for rejoicing in our rejoicing!

  10. This is so cool, Bailey! You and Erich started dating about the time my fiance and I started dating too. And I'll get married on May 14, 2016, and you get married on the 15th! Crazy! :) So happy for ya!

    1. No way! That's awesome! It'll be fun to enter into a new stage in life literally a day apart! :D

  11. Congratulations!!!!

    What an amazing early Christmas present. :-D

    I'm so happy for you.

    So cool to get this right after having a conversation about rings with my special person. ;)
    (And I suppose we'll get the whole story now?!?)
    Congratulations, Bailey.

    1. I'll try to type up the whole story eventually! There are so many details and happy memories that I usually stop and just go hang out with my cool man instead.

      About your special person.....I will be requiring details. ;) Mwuhahahaha! So happy for you!!!!!

  13. As soon as I saw a new blog post of yours in my inbox, I really hoped it would be an engagement announcement. ^_^ Congratulations! It's been so exciting to follow your blog for the past few years and see your life journey and then relationship unfold. I'm so thrilled for you and Erich, and pray your marriage is wonderfully blessed.

  14. Congratulations!!! This is exciting!

  15. Yay! I'm sitting here trying to SANELY comment without the SVEN eating my hair. Or my laptop. Eep. I already screamed over the phone about this. So this comment is pretty lame. Can't wait to see you Saturday!

  16. Yay!!!!!!!! Congratulations to you both!

    My brother and I squealed when we saw your title. "Ahhh! Bailey's engaged!" I was just thinking of you the other day and wondering how your semester was going. :)

  17. YESSSSSSSSS so happy for you, Bailey!


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