Engagement Photos: True Facts

5:49 PM

Nobody was around to witness our original proposal (except one of Erich's housemates who figured he better not interfere with all the screaming going on outside). We started off the shoot with a recreation of the moments leading up to our engagement!

Get engagement photos ASAP after your engagement. There's more happiness to capture in the immediate days after the engagement before wedding planning starts and papers are due!

You will spend a ridiculous amount of time picking out your outfit.
Tip: Wear coordinating colors, not matching, and get engaged to a guy with a nice wardrobe.
P.S. Pinterest has nothing helpful on this subject.

Speaking of Pinterest, share your pose ideas with the photographer via a Pinterest page. It makes everything smoother, faster, and more to your particular tastes. 

Posed kissing is hard! It's tough to make kisses look realistic when your lips are posed in the same place for longer than two seconds. (Erich was particularly bad at this, but there are some outtakes that suggest I struggle with the same issue....)

You will feel stupid and happy with your face scrunched up against your fiancé's for thirty minutes. Roll with it.
Tip: Just go ahead and laugh. It makes for some cute photos.

I've been releasing the engagement photos one by one on Facebook along with little updates about wedding planning or cute Erich anecdotes. This really allows both viewers and yourself to enjoy the art and emotion of each photo, as opposed to a mass engagement photo release. It's also a great way to count down to the wedding day! (Bah-humbug to all those haters who get grumpy about floods of Facebook sappiness!)

Your photographer makes or breaks your engagement photos. 
Tip: Go to school with a bubbly photographer who says only positive things about 
your awkward coupleness.

Save your dramatic photos for the end when your face is too tired from smiling. Bam. Glamour shot.

Guys, you know what to do when the photographer asks if you have any more pose ideas.
Sha-la-la-la kiss the girl. 

Girls, don't over-analyze the photos....and just practice for the wedding day. ;)

From my soon-to-family to you and yours, Merry Christmas!

PC: Elena Marie's Photography | The beautiful Elena and Brooke, a photography and make-up team, completely pampered me for our engagement photo session! Brooke not only did my make-up like a pro -- she offered to bring me coffee, played my favorite music, and gave me a bunch of chocolate! "We're going to make you the Disney princess version of you!" she kept telling me. (And she did. Perfectly.) And then Elena snapped a bunch of gorgeous engagement photos! I highly recommend both of them for affordable, professional, personable work.

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  1. These are absolutely gorgeous, and y'all are adorable. 'Nuff said.

  2. Engagement is the best! but marriage is even better! congrats and enjoy the journey! :)

  3. Oh my gosh you guys are adorable! I can't believe you're engaged... I remember when you did that fake engagement video to fool all of us. And now it's really happened! Seriously you two are the cutest.

  4. <3 <3 You are too cute. Love the update on your life! And Dear Elena is absolutely amazing. It doesn't surprise me that she nailed your personalities in photo form!

  5. Gloriously happy and totally in love -- I think that is the perfect description for every one of these photos. I didn't even know engagement photos were a thing, but looking at these I can see why they are. You will treasure these forever, I'm sure.

    I love your true facts. :-) Reminded me of Christmas years ago when my husband and I were engaged and were with my parents getting a Christmas tree in the Snowy Mountains of Wyoming. There are two pictures of us from the trip in a photo album. One is captioned "kiss for the camera". It is a nice picture of my husband kissing me against the beautiful backdrop of the snow and evergreen trees, but it is clearly posed. The second is captioned, "kiss for us". This one my mom snapped of us kissing without us knowing she was taking it. It is funny how different the two pictures are and how easy it is to tell which is which!

    Happy New Year!



    Hearts, hearts, hearts, HEARTS! First, so very happy over this fantastic news.


    You *just* can't disappear on us when such vital information is needed.


  7. Aw these pictures just tear my heart out- so freaking adorable! Congratulations to both of you!!


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