Hang Out with Me!

12:34 AM

Before I head back to school and disappear off the face of the blogging planet, I'd love to hang out with my favorite people -- YOU!

This Thursday at 2 PM EST, I'm hosting a live Q&A on Google Hangout. Post a question on theology, relationships, daily life, or anything you like in the comments below. I'll be answering LIVE this Thursday. (More details to come!) Come hang out with me!

Click HERE for the event page and trailer.

UPDATE: We'll be chatting about my sister's wedding, the fleapocalypse, and the pros and cons of living alone in a house all summer. You can ask your questions live during the hangout if you're joining us, or you can post them below in the comments section. Even if you can't make it live, I'd love to hear your questions and give you the replay!

Comment below with your questions!

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2 impressions

  1. This sounds super rad! Here's my question: What do you think is the difference between "I deserve _______" and "I am worth ______"? Maybe there isn't a significant one, just something I've been pondering of late. :)

    1. That's a fabulous question. I'll have fun thinking about that! I hope you can join me during the hang out and share your own perspectives in the chat box!


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