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In less than a year I graduate. Really, I feel like I only have a couple months left as far as decision-making goes, because once senior year takes off, I'll have no time. Senior thesis + intro Greek + Old Testament Literature + a night class on Aquinas. Shoot me any ideas for a senior thesis, by the way. I'm at a loss.

I've been toying with some post-grad life options. Grad school? Not really. I wanted to go into counseling for a good chunk of time, but the thought of spending money and three years on a degree that will get shelved for (potentially) full-time mommyhood just doesn't sit right. I'd rather gather a bunch of teenage girls and chat with them about life for an hour every week. (Life Goal #1)

Lest you think I'm sacrificing my future career for a nonexistent family, I'm actually working around the very real, very near possibility of getting married. Nothing definite, no ring, no set-in-stone date. (I planned the rest of the wedding, though. Oops.) Just some chatting back and forth about what would happen if we tied the knot. (Life Goal #2)

I thought about seminary for theology, particularly University of Notre Dame or Covenant Theological Seminary, but I don't want a degree so much as a community of smart people discussing hard problems. "Is seminary the best place for that?" Erich asked. I honestly don't know. I'm holding out for a solid church community of smart people discussing hard problems with the added bonus of small group discipleship. (Life Goal #3)

Right now, I'm going to start fishing around for internships or jobs in the blogging, publishing, or magazine world. My dream job? Turn My Holy Joy into a for-profit site with daily content, beautiful photos, and maybe a couple fresh faces writing some hilarious lifestyle and deeply thoughtful posts. Working from home on my own time-table with no one judging me if I show up to work in skinny jeans and no make-up -- that sounds like heaven. Plus writing. I want to write full-time. And by "full-time," I mean "making enough money so that I don't have to take up a cashiering job on the side."

I've got major blog crushes on Cup of Jo, The Small Things Blog, and Verily. All started out as private bloggers and now make money off their blogs. Cup of Jo got so successful that Joanna quit her day job and hired a marketing company to help revamp her brand. Kate just got a "beauty spot" for all her beauty blogging and pretty pictures (so jealous!). Can I please have a sunny nook of white space + perfect photography skills?

It's exciting to think that maybe, just maybe I could make my way in the blogging/magazine/publishing world. I love my internship right now, and it's giving me the green light to definitely consider being a content editor and writer for the rest of my working life. (Life Goal #4) Come back next year to see what happens!

What do you plan to do for the rest of your life?

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  1. Wow! What a question!

    Above all, I want to spend my life doing what God wants me to and living for His glory. But my dream is to get married and have a bunch of kids. (Coming from a family of eleven kids, I like to joke that I want "only six".)

    I like all your goals; the first three I could share with you. And as someone who writes a blog mostly for personal enjoyment/creative fulfillment (people do read it, but...), I can understand the draw of blogging for one's job. I don't think I could pull it off, but I think you could, Bailey!

    1. Thanks, Rebekah!

      I love big families. I want to pick your brain: why do you want 6 kids? Why not 11 or fewer? I'm not judging at all, I'm just interested in the thought process of people who want a certain number of children. I just don't know myself!

    2. Haha! Mostly, six is just the number I like. I can't imagine having 11 kids like my parents; it just sounds so overwhelming. But my parents have said over and over that it's only by God's grace that all of us can survive like this. :) Since I just turned 18, we now have five adults along with 8 kids ages 16-3 living in the same house. It's nuts! But my life has always been kind of nuts, and I like it that way!

      On the other hand, one-two-three kids sounds like so little to me! I want to have lots of kids so they can all be good friends and learn from each other. My siblings mean so much to me, and I want my kids to have that experience too. And I always get excited about any new baby coming into the world. It's so much fun to think about how they'll have their own unique personality and life story.

      I guess I would say 6 is my ideal. (At the moment. I wanted eight some years back.) Kind of like, "ooh, I really want to have a black and white chevron wall in my living room someday" or "wouldn't it be great if I married someone who had red hair genes, because it would be so much fun to have a red-haired kid". A dream I entertain that would be fun, but I'm open to other possibilities. (Except for the chevron wall. I need it. ahem) The truth is I want however many kids God wants to give me. I'm not planning on trying to keep from having more than six, if that's how things happen.

      Does that make sense?

    3. That totally makes sense! I love it! I guess I'm thinking around 5 too (which sounds so small compared to the 9 we have), but like you said, totally open to almost any number.

    4. 5 doesn't sound small to me. And ask any mother of five if she thinks the same, haha.

      I guess I like the fact that six is an even number. ...I'm thinking three girls, three boys, and I already have some names picked out...

      Oh, hi! It's just me dreaming again...

    5. True. :D You've picked out names?! Do share! I promise I won't steal them, because, well, I've got mine picked out already too. ;)

  2. I like Erich's question on whether seminary is the place for that. Though I'm a random commenter on your blog, and you are in no way obliged to consider my opinion, my advice to you would be that you're on the right track. You've already had a lot of amazing learning, and think yours is a heart of readiness to start putting it to practical use (I LOVE the gather a bunch of teen girls idea!! Totally for it!). Learning on the job of whatever it is you're passionate about can be the most fertile ground for incredible personal growth and experience (but I think you already know that). Anyway, didn't mean to give you a spiel, but just wanted to let you know I got excited for you reading this post! I can already envision just how greatly God is going to use you, even if it may appear small. I have a feeling the small things you put your hand to will have a huge ripple effect.

    As for my life, I want to finish my first year of correspondence Bible college, finish writing/recording and release an album, get more paid work for my graphic design business, maybe do second year Bible college, marry an (aspiring?) pastor, plant a church, reform the praise and worship "industry", write a book, and be an all round kingdom builder in between. But God may do something completely different, and that's still okay! It's all still going to be awesome, as I'm sure it will be for you. :)

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Jasmine! I don't know who I am or what I ought to be doing, so it's nice to have feedback. :)

      Your future and present sound so cool! I'm totally for reforming the praise and worship industry. ;) Let me know when your book gets published and your album goes live!! :D

  3. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. It's not that I'm on the verge of having to make any big decisions or life changes...it's just that I've realized that I eventually want some things to be different.

    I would love to get to the point where I can support myself with fiber arts. I'm not even sure if that's possible, but I'd like to try! Like you, I love the idea of working from home. Spending all day doing the things I'm obsessed with...spinning yarn and using natural dyes and knitting: it probably doesn't sound very exciting to most people but it's basically my ideal job. :) Lately I've had some doors opening up with doing local craft fairs this fall, so that's exciting.

    My dream is to get married and have a family and raise our kids on a farm/homestead. (This dream also involves continuing the above mentioned fibery pursuits.) But that's not exactly a goal I can work towards at the moment...I'm still waiting on God.

    1. Kristin, I think that's amazing! Doing what you love on your own schedule is such a blessing, and it'd be awesome for you to do! I'm terrible with crafty things, but I have so much respect for people who are artsy -- you spin and dye your own yarn?! That's crazy awesome! I hope fiber arts plays some sort of role in your beautiful-sounding future. :) Thanks for sharing!


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