Top Ten Arguments I Have With My Boyfriend

9:00 AM

After two years, some favorite arguments get recycled. A lot.

1. How to pronounce forte.

Him: It's fort.

Me: It's for-tay.

Him: Don't you know how to speak Latin?

(He's right.)

2. How to pronounce knave.

Him: It's ka-nave.

Me: Okay, no.

Him: But it's from German, and Germans pronounce their Ks.

Me: It's ENGLISH, and in ENGLISH you don't pronounce the K.

(I'm right.)

3. Dyeing my hair.

Me: I'm thinking blonde? Is that okay?

Him: Sure, if you never want me to talk to you again.

Me: What is wrong with blonde hair?

Him: You're right. It'll bring out who you are on the inside.

Me: Well, what color would you want me to dye my hair?

Him: Purple.

4. My future.

Him: Blizzard has an HR position open.

Me: Blizzard?

Him: It's the largest video game company.

Me: Not interested.

Him: But you can talk to people and organize and host parties -- all the things you love to do.

Me: I don't like video games.

Him: They have a random museum in the middle of their headquarters.

Me: Wait, how do I apply?

5. What to watch on movie night.

Him: My turn to pick!

Me: At your suggestion, we watched The Corpse Bride, 300, 1/4 of Stripes, and Jesus Christ Superstar* all in one weekend. No way are you picking the movie.

*FYI: these are the world's worst movies.

6. What to sing at my senior recital.

Him: I think you should sing "Once Upon a December." 

Me: What's that?

Him: You haven't seen Anastasia?

Me: Of course not.

Him: You're so homeschooled.

Me: So do you have any other suggestions?

Him: "Once Upon a December." 

7. Corsets.

Him: You should wear a corset.

Me: What? Why?

Him: I don't know. You slouch.

8. Running.

Him: Why are you stopping?

Me: I'm dying.

Him: You've got to keep moving.

Me: I am moving. Slowly.

Him: No, you have to keep up the jogging motion, or you'll lose momentum.

Me: Why am I dating you again?

9. Engagement Rings

Me: Erich! Look at this gorgeous ring. Wink, wink.

Him: That's so ugly.

Me: What's wrong with it? It's beautiful.

Him: It's a diamond.

Me: So?

Him: This jewelry company back in the 19th century marketed diamond rings specifically as engagement rings just to drive up sales. There's nothing special about them. They're a marketing scam. But look at this claddagh ring.

Me: If you propose to me with a claddagh ring, I will say no.

10. Love.

Me: I love you.

Him: I love you more.

Me: I love you most.

(He falls for it every time.)

What do you and your loved ones "argue" about?

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10 impressions

  1. So cute! And hilarious.

    It's not pronounced "four-tay"? My whole life has been a lie... (And I've always pronounced it "four-tay")

    You know I've seen a lot of cool purple hair on Pinterest. ;)

    "Him: They have a random museum in the middle of their headquarters. Me: Wait, how do I apply?" hahaha

    I had to look up claddagh rings. They're not quite bad enough to say "no", are they?

    1. I've heard varying compromises. "Four-tay" is an okay pronunciation of the musical term because it's Italian, but not for a sentence like, "Music is not my forte," which is French.

      I DESPISE CLADDAGH RINGS. They're weird to me. And they feel like a cop-out from an honest-to-goodness engagement ring. ;)

  2. I thought "forte" and all musical terms were Italian. Ya'll are hilarious. Glad you can laugh together.

    1. I think the musical term is Italian, but "forte" as in "strong point" is French. Etymology is so weird!

  3. Purple would definitely be an interesting shade. Although I think Erich might as well try it out to keep going with his various hair selections as of late.
    Ha. A corset. :)
    And Anastasia is a terrible movie with people falling apart while singing evil songs. Creepsters. Plus, the dude she falls in love with is so not worth it. *seriously disappointed* But the song is pretty. :) He wins for song suggestions.
    These seem like cute little disagreements. Do y'all ever get into full-blown arguments? ;)

    1. Nope. We never fight.


      We fight allll the time. We like to get on each other's nerves and tease each other relentlessly, which is fine unless I'm in a crabby mood. (I start all the real arguments. He's super chill for the most part.) We've been clashing a lot on communicating about plans and planning those plans in the first place. We're definitely not the world's sweetest couple. ;)


    How can you not have seen Anastasia? D:

    I actually really love claddagh rings haha

    1. I'm actually in love with the trend of deep purple dye, the kind that looks more brown than purple. Beautiful. But I'm done with dyeing my hair for a while. ;)

      Don't worry! I finally saw Anastasia last semester and for the most part enjoyed it!

      You can love claddagh rings....but for an engagement ring? Would you go for that?

  5. Never had a boyfriend, but a guy friend and I once argued for hours (including Google) about whether the middle traffic light is yellow or orange.

    (It's yellow)

    1. Um, it's definitely yellow. You win by majority vote.


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