Just Ten Minutes

9:00 AM

(Unfortunately, you need more than 10 minutes to get this flexible.)
Exercise (or the lack thereof) brings out all of the shame. Guilt because you didn't exercise (again). More guilt because you haven't exercised, like, ever. Even more guilt because when you did chase yourself off the computer, you only did Pilates instead of the 30 minutes of daily cardio and whatever-the-recommended-time of weight lifting and the 5 minute cool down. 

I'm just going to say it for all of us: I don't have time for all the recommended daily exercise, and if I did have time, I wouldn't want to spend an hour completing the recommended daily exercise. It's not happening. 

You know what I am doing and surprisingly am enjoying doing? Forgetting all the rules and just moving. 

I'm forgetting the timers, the schedules, the routines, and the pictures of toned women in Nike shoes. I'm ignoring the fact that my boyfriend runs track and plays Frisbee, but I don't. I'm ignoring the fact that my aunt is a boss at fitness anything, but I'm not. I'm ignoring the fact that my midriff is soft and my biceps weak.

I'm just moving in small steps and short bursts on a sporadic schedule. 

Sometimes I skip a day because I'm engrossed in a project. 

I run around the block. I can't tell you how long I run, and I'm not keeping track. I just lace up my too-long laces and trot past guys weed-eating their lawns. 

I try to stand more than sit -- standing while chatting, standing while eating, standing while singing. (Usually I stand on one leg because standing's boring.) 

I do little bits of exercise with YouTube's help -- a 10 minute cardio or a hip hop dance that nobody's ever allowed to watch because I'm white and can't even. Sometimes I just sit on the floor and stretch out my unused muscles. 

Then I get up and go about my sedentary lifestyle. It's amazing what 10 minutes of exercise can do to relieve all your exercise guilt.

Do you like exercising...or do you feel guilty just talking about it?

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  1. I hate exercising for the sake of exercise. I'd rather climb a steep hill while out camping than walk around the block a few times. I'd rather go hiking in the mountains (OK, granted, I've never had the opportunity, but still) than jog.
    I feel guilty when I don't, but not guilty enough to make me do it. I just want productive exercise, where I'm doing more than just walking to up my metabolism. If I lived close enough to my job, I'd happily bike there in pretty much any weather (biking is so much better than walking). If I lived in the mountains, I can pretty much assure you I'd be out on daily walks just enjoying nature. But I hate the idea of rigid exercise. I'd rather be knitting, thank you very much :D

    1. You're so right. Exercising is so much better when done in th context of something fun. That's why I can't wait for dance to start up!

  2. I exercise purely out of gluttony. That is, I like eating vast quantities of junk food and exercise to make myself feel better about my health :P Usually ends up being a two-mile-ish run 3x/week (sometimes a run is swapped out for a half hour of YouTube kickboxing. Kickboxing is the BEST. So much release of pent-up aggression.) Nothing really spectacular.

    And then I look at my half-marathon friends. And then I sigh. And then I shrug and add extra whipped cream. ;)

    1. You are a fabulous person, Andrea! And I should totally look up kickboxing.....after I let this entire pizza digest. #sorrynotsorry

    2. #alwaysaddextrawhippedcream

      It should totally be a hashtag...

  3. Added bonus of kickboxing: it doubles as a self-defense practice, which I seem to recall Erich thinks you need ;) My favorite is https://youtu.be/Vve4BVTZ0QU.

    #whippedcream4life I used to count calories, once upon a time. Now I just try to eat reasonable portions of yummy things and listen when my full stomach yells at me to stop :P Life is too short.

    1. I don't count calories either. I also rarely eat. And if I do it, I don't eat whipped cream. Are we talking Reddi Whip or legit, homemade whipped cream? Because I'm totally down for the latter.

      I need to bookmark that kickboxing video and come back to it!

  4. Amen! That's how I exercise. AKA not ever. I just move and live life and don't feel guilty. Besides, have you seen girls in bikinis with ripped stomachs? It's way less attractive than a little softness in the middle. And I'm not just saying it because I've got that pooch. I never see midriffs (including my own sans shower time) so last month when it was just Mom and I at the beach, I actually paid attention and discovered only 2 females of the lacking swimsuit material variety that didn't have a stomach. And they looked about as huggable as a 2 by 4. I'm a woman, I'm supposed to be a little squishy!

    And in other news, apparently according to Pintrest you're supposed to exercise before your wedding day to get 'in shape'. I just went to the local indoor bounce house and threw myself off inflatables, slid down slides, delicately balanced small children on my shoulders while lifting them up inflatable equipment and hung out with my little sibs. Now that's my kind of workout. ;)

    1. Someone told me that women are supposed to have that little pooch because it's necessary for birthing children or something. I've yet to consult Google on that one. But I do know there's a difference between being skinny and having rock-hard abs. I'm inclined to just be the former without wanting the latter. ;)

      You should market your wedding workout. I'd totally get married just to have an excuse to work out like that! :D "Excuse me, ma'am -- WHY are you throwing yourself off inflatables?" "I'm getting married, man! Outta my way!" .....

    2. The all knowing google hath not yet spoken!

      Oh, you know it's going to be the latest craze.... Inflatable House Work Out. Watch out New York Times, I'm going to write that book and make a mint!


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