In Which I Accidentally Relaunch My Blog

10:28 PM

If you're me, never touch HTML. Don't you dare do it.

It's almost 1 a.m. on a work night. I was planning to be in bed by 11 p.m.

All I wanted out of life was seeing if this cool new blog template would look nice. Really. I didn't ask for much. I was so happy about this venture that I didn't think to back up a copy of my old blog template. It's my test blog, yo. Who cares what happens to that?

And then I uploaded the template onto my live blog.

And then my sister wouldn't answer the phone when I called her. And my mom didn't pick up either.

And here I was in the middle of the night with some rogue HTML that suddenly makes my blog look too cool for school (and too cool for me).

I laughed for a really, really long time. Then I tried to fix it. In case you're wondering, I failed.

Right now, my blog design is everything I don't like -- cramped, massive photos, random follow me widgets that go to social media accounts I never touch, and -- worst of all -- "read more" buttons. I hate scrolling. I hate "read more" buttons. I hate how beautiful and dysfunctional that slider is.

I'm going to bed now. Let me know if anything else is broken.

:'( :'(

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7 impressions

  1. Well, your bio still shows at the end of the post with a "lorem ipsum" deal. Very interesting. ;)
    And COME ON. It's not that bad. When you insist that I'm free enough to help you, we'll sort this out. :)

    1. What, you didn't know I spoke Latin? ;) I'll fix that!

      You're right. It's not really bad. Everything just looks bad at 1 a.m. XD

  2. Ohh, man. The joys of blogging. It doesn't look that bad, not really.

    My mom said that there should be a "restore to previous settings" button somewhere... Maybe that could help? I don't blog on Blogspot, so I wouldn't know where to help you other than that. BUT I have no doubt that you'll get it fixed. Even in the meantime, we come here to read your thoughts on life and benefit from the wisdom that you impart, to see what's going on in your life (and to think about commenting, but decide to keep lurking most of the time anyway).

    1. Thank you for the suggestion! It was too late to use that option because I wasn't thinking clearly. Now I'm just going to roll with it. ;) I'm so happy you de-lurked! (Love your name, too!)

  3. Well this is interesting.

    Apparently we dislike the same things about this blog style. My pet peeve is the slidey picture thingie. (<< I took a web design class back in grad school, as you can tell from all my technical vocabulary.)

    But I love the picture. :)

    1. See, the slider/slidey picture thingie is cool, and I love it on its own, but it's too distracting. This isn't a website; it's a blog. It felt like my blog suddenly grew up and went off to college! :P

  4. You called me because you thought *I* could help with your blog design? You must have really been tired. Love, Mom.


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