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Welcome to my bathroom. And my attempted selfies.
One of my favorite things about working in an office is dressing up every day. Lately I've slacked off with looking nice in lieu of sleeping a little bit longer or actually packing a decent lunch. But what else is new?

This week I spent a little extra brain power coming up with a couple outfits that I thought a wee bit creative. For me, at least. 

Why do people like putting together outfits online and then linking to where to find them? Do people actually shop for things they see in collages? Especially after seeing the price tags?

Notice the lack of price tags and links in this post. (1) I ripped these off the internet somewhere. I don't know where to find them. (2) I found similar stuff in my own wardrobe. (3) If you want to find similar clothes to the similar clothes I own, most of it came from Walmart or Goodwill or my sisters' closet.

Skinny jeans || Good for chasing turkeys, jumping over creeks, and curling up for a romantic viewing of Sweeney Todd. Also trim enough to wear to work. (I avoided wearing jeans to work until this week, when I had to hop from work to car to drive up to the middle of nowhere to surprise my boyfriend with donut holes and a terrifying picture book called Penguins Hate Stuff. Hence the turkey chasing.)

Pink shirt || I love wearing nicer t-shirts. Comfy enough for post-work blogging, professional enough for the office.

Not-black blazer || It's still freezing in Michigan, so long sleeves are a must. Rolling up those long sleeves are a must, too. Short people problems.

Denim flats || Not good for chasing turkeys. Easy to kick off in the office, though!

Black things || A classier alternative after hopping out of the shower.

Let me explain. I'm a little proud of this. Since Michigan is still freezing and I'm not quite sure how sleeveless dresses fly in the work world, I layered a normal brown floral blouse with my sleeveless coral dress (see real one here). It ended up looking like a vintage jumper -- especially with the wedge heels. I stuck a flower clip in my hair. Voila! Put together. 

Do you have a favorite outfit from your work wardrobe?

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  1. Nice outfits. Lemme tell you, every day is a struggle between deciding to look good or have a fantastic packed lunch : )

    1. I mean, for me, it's the difference between looking good and having any packed lunch at all. I've eaten the same chicken and pepperoni sandwich all week. #livinthebudgetlife

      When I worked back at home, though, it was ALWAYS the struggle between putting on make up and packing a fabulous lunch. Mom's pantries and leftovers are THE BEST.

  2. pictures of your cute outfits?
    *severely disappointed*

    1. Let's just say that my photography has been particularly uninspiring lately......

    2. I *would* like to see a pic of the coral dress ensemble. =)


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