Things I Accomplished Today

8:00 AM

The blog design that will never be
  1. Made a pretty pathetic refried bean burrito.
  2. Allowed my housemate to fix my lopsided hair-do as I made the pretty pathetic refried bean burrito.
  3. Got locked out of the women's bathroom.
  4. Tried to say something funny to my office-mates.
  5. Pretended I was funny, anyway.
  6. Wrote a pretty pathetic article.
  7. Passive-aggressively edited other people's posts for our Imprimis Facebook page to express my inability to do anything right that day.
  8. Wanted to fall asleep/go home/stop writing the pretty pathetic article.
  9. Looked lovingly on the amazing Slideshare I made yesterday.
  10. Found the digital graphic design book in the library basement.
  11. Spent three hours trying to teach myself CSS coding.
  12. Failed.
  13. Scrambled some eggs and cheese.
  14. Ate overly-ripe kiwis.
  15. Ate white rice.
  16. Ate pizza.
  17. Texted my boyfriend a hundred times to let him know what an accomplished failure I was.
  18. Curled up in the corner of the couch and read Murder on the Orient Express.
What have you accomplished today?

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6 impressions

  1. I approve of your book choice.
    I also just died of laughter!

    1. I guessed the ending. Again. I want to read "And Then There Were None," but our library doesn't have it!!

  2. I'm currently laying (lying?) ... reclining on the living room floor eating yogurt, chips and salsa. I've tried re-decorating only to move the décor back into their original positions, tried spray painting frames (but vetoed the decision due to impending rain) and tried to convince myself to shower ... attempt failed. But I have flopped several loads of laundry, washed dishes, checked Facebook an inordinate amount of times and checked on my little plants. It's only 11 and my first day back from vacation so I'm going to cut myself some slack and enjoy a little "Once Upon a Time" whilst I write.

    Enjoy your internship and enjoy your reading. :)

    p.s. I hate being so funny people miss it. ;)

    1. Oh, Frannie! hahaha! We are such kindred spirits, with the difference being you're actually so funny that people miss it and I'm not actually funny and I miss that. ;) I'm terrible with anything manual-labor-wise or crafty or decorating, so I totally relate! :D

  3. "5. Pretended I was funny, anyway."

    Haha! I do this too.

    And I love Agatha Christie, especially her Hercule Poirot books. You guessed the ending!?!?! She pretty much always surprises me. I finished The Murder of Roger Ackroyd a couple days ago, and I'm still floored. I hope you're not jealous but I have "And Then There Were None" on my shelf right now, waiting to be read. It's apparently the bestselling mystery of all time...

    ...I'm not helping...

    1. WHY WOULD YOU TELL ME THIS?! *sigh*

      I've only read her Hecule Poirot books, and I occasionally guess some aspect of the ending. There are know which suspect is more suspectable than the others. And it's always a guess and a hunch, never a logical deduction. Sherlock Holmes mysteries actually stump me more than hers, but I still love love love reading Agatha Christie!


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