Spotlight on Someone Special

8:00 AM

Want to learn more about life at Hillsdale College?
Read here for a fabulous spotlight on my favorite Hillsdalian....written by me, of course.

P.S. Look, I didn't just write a spotlight on my boyfriend just 'cause. The chemistry department recommended him as the second-best American Chemical Society representative. And I didn't have time to track down the first-best ACS representative. No judgies.

P.P.S. I hid from my boss the fact that I interviewed my boyfriend of all people. When I later was forced to admit that, "Yeah, he's my boyfriend," my boss said, "I know that! I'm not as dull as I look!"

P.P.P.S. Isn't he the most marvelous?!

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2 impressions

  1. Great article and great picture-- he's a good looking and snazzily dressed guy :) Although I have to frown at the girl on the left in this picture... why is she holding the beaker so close to her face? If I learned anything in my "chemistry for non-majors" class three years ago, it was that everything needed to be kept in the lab hood ;)

    1. A non-science major posed them. (And the beaker was empty, thank goodness!) And I guess chemistry students are always ready to live life on the edge! ;)


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