Semester Snapshots

8:00 AM

 Head RA + (tail?) RA, shopping for all of the food during finals week.
We treat our girls right. (They had an obsession with Cheez-Its.) 
Fun fact: the Head RA likes to send me close-ups of this face I'm making.
What? I just wanted Erich to take the photo already!

 I joined SAI, a women's music fraternity, and then did sing-song things
at our concert. Pro tip: playing piano underneath drums is awesome.
Nobody can hear your mistakes.

 ....unless my sins abuse my divination....
The Soothsayer from Shakespeare's Cymbeline --- hands down my
favorite acting role of all time. I also played a slain Briton.
I'm pretty sure the Roman general dislocated my pinkie. 

 Erich came down with the flu during hell week. My mother/former nurse never answered her phone,
so I consulted Google. It told me to feed him the BRAT diet. He insisted on putting soy sauce on his
rice, and thanked me separately for each banana I gave him. 
Note the artistic tissue formation.

 Meet Wisp, companion to Erich's misery. (He de-stresses creatively.)

This guy. Freshman year, he was too scared to ask me to President's Ball. He set me up with his roommate instead and asked three of his friends to be his dates (one of whom was a guy who wanted to ask one of the two girls to be his date to the ball). Incidentally, I fell in love with him two years ago that Prez Ball night. And he finally rectified his cowardice by picking me up from my freshman dorm. Because it was a party, we both had a miserable time...but the chocolate-covered strawberries
were pretty good. #introvertlovestory

 In March, I roadtripped back to Wisconsin for my first-ever bridesmaid role for one of many friends
(and sisters) getting married this year.
I'm sure you could see goose bumps if you zoomed in close enough.

 This is the day I procrastinated by Googling how to conquer spring fever. Ugh. Spring finals are the worst of the worst of the worst. The sun beckons to burn your skin, the brain itches to zone out, and everyone on Facebook reminds you of how terrible it is to be inside writing papers.

The Head RA and I stretched the limits of our creativity to lure people into participating in dorm events. We tried cool posters from Pinterest (see above), salmon spread, and even straight-up bribery ...via Cheez-Its, of course.

The night before finals, he studied for five minutes and then made a marionette. I put up with the marionette's cold stone feet walking across my face as I wrote my paper.
(P.S. He aced his final exam. I hate smart people.)

 Here we are, last minute packing before moving out to my summer house! I had too many books (as usual) and couldn't fit them all into one box. Actually, I had too much of many things. 

 Farewell, Koon. Farewell, room. Farewell, dorm living altogether. Now a stinky boy lives here.
Probably just as messy as I am.

 Want to save the environment? Don't go to college. (I recycled all of these babies.)

 Love notes from my utilitarian boyfriend the night before my last final of junior year. Aww.

Hello, new room! I'm mostly unpacked by now.
And by "unpacked," I mean I shoved things into the closet.

To be honest, this was a crazy busy but amazingly good semester with the worst finals week ever. 
P.S. I'm a senior now.

How'd your semester go?

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17 impressions

  1. No way! I only just bought that "Ordinary" book. o.o Love your captions, by the way. ^_^

    1. Ugh, it's taking me FOREVER to get through it! I'm really in love with the cover design, though, so I like taking it with me everywhere just to look cool. :)

    2. Plus, it matches your dress! That's the ultimate accessory, actually. Forget scarves, belts, and what-nots. Get a book in a matching hue and carry it around--that's what I say! (Seriously though, where'd you get that orange dress? I love it!)

    3. I would TOTALLY be down for that fashion trend!! :D It's actually a coral dress, but the orange book throws off the color. I got it at Khol's my freshman year for a Shakespeare play, and I LOVE IT TO PIECES.

  2. I like these types of posts. :) You're such a cutie college girl. And I'm jelly you can play the piano and sing (with a microphone!) and drums. Teach me your skills!!

    AGH! I wanna see you act. Your face and outfit are amazing.
    Erich makes me laugh. =)

    Love you!

    1. They filmed the play! Erich actually did the sound for it. He was so pleased that my loud vocal range made his job easier. *proud girlfriend moment*

      Oh, please. I can't drum at all. Someone else will have to teach you those skillz.

  3. So your younger sister is getting married first :D My sympathies. LOL
    But seriously, I always thought (actually, I was determined) I'd get married BY age 18. Didn't happen quite that way, and now my younger brother just got married two weeks ago at 20 yrs. old. My, how time flies. I helped change his diaper, and fed him baby food, way back when I was just a little thing and he was even littler; now he's taller than me and ... married? How'd that happen?
    Congrats to your sis!

    1. What?! I too was set on getting married by age 18. My boyfriend jokes that Bethany took over my life dream. ;) Oh, no sympathies needed at all! I'm so happy for her. And I never changed her diapers. (She probably changed her own diapers. She's that kind of person.) Isn't it crazy that everyone's growing up and GETTING MARRIED?

  4. Looking at Erich's foot makes me feel better about Sam's feet. Because he's 7. ;)

    Also, I'm trying to figure out what's behind him in that black chair. Fancy pens jabbed into blocks of wood?

    1. Erich's professor: "Have my instrumental students all told you their complaints about Erich today?"

      Me: "Why, yes. I heard he needs to wash his feet after I posted this photo of him on Facebook."

      He gets that a lot. ;) If Sam is sensitive to criticism, you might want to forewarn him about college-level rejection due to unclean feet.

      Those are throwing knives. In blocks of wood. Yes. My boyfriend throws knives in his room.

    2. Does he walk around barefoot everywhere?

      Also, that last bit isn't weird at all. He's just training to be a protector, right?

    3. Ha! That's funny. =)

      It doesn't really seem to bother Sam. I think it bothers me more. =P

      Also...if Erich ever asks you to run away and join the circus with him...don't. You'll be the pretty girl on the throwing wheel.

    4. Josiah, due to campus requirements, he can't walk around barefoot everywhere. So he wears flip-flips year round. In the snow and ice and rain. Um, I HOPE he's training to be a protector, but now Jen's comments make me uncertain..........

      Jen, Erich loves this morbid/creepy song called "Trust Me" from "The Devil's Carnival" (which is the most HIDEOUS "musical" ever that nobody should ever watch)....and it's about a knife thrower and a pretty girl on the throwing wheel. I'm quite aware of my fate should he ever run away to the circus with me. O.o

  5. My semester ended really well! I aced the two finals that I've gotten the grade for and feel good about the third one. And I didn't have to take the final in my fourth class so that was nice.

    And I HAVE to ask: Did Erich ask for your input before getting his hair cut? Because getting that much cut off would freak me out if it was a friend, let alone someone I was dating!

    And I want to see you act. And sing. Well, hear you sing, I guess. :)

    1. YOU GOT TO SKIP A FINAL?! ugh ugh ugh I'm so jealous. Happy for you, but jealous. That's so fab that you got great grades on your other classes!

      I was there when Erich got his haircut. In fact, I set up the haircut appointment. He would want me to clarify that I did NOT, in fact, force him to get a haircut....buuuut I played a pretty pivotal role. ;)

      Aw, shucks. Thanks. Here's one song I sung: I posted it a while back, so you might have heard it. I should get some more recital songs up on Soundcloud!

  6. I love these kinds of posts Bailey!! They always make me smile, if not laugh out loud.

    The picture of you as a soothsayer? Too. much. In the best possible way, of course. I bet you make a great soothsayer. ;)

    And I love your coral dress...I may have said it before. But I still love it. :)

    1. That's only one of the soothsayer photos. . . . .and isn't that coral dress fab? It is. It's fab. Thank you for loving these random posts!


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