First Day on the Job!

7:29 PM

I started my internship today.

Yesterday I packed and unpacked and threw things on my bed and threw things off the bed. But today, I interned.

I work with the marketing department, mostly as a web writer and social media person. In reality, this means four hours of researching college student blogs. Dude. Some student bloggers cannot write worth anything...especially the English writers with creative writing emphases.

The web designs are worse.

My roommate/best friend/what-on-earth-would-I-do-without-her works with me when she's not in summer classes. We sat on the floor of the office and ate hummus and pretzel chips for lunch.

Things I love about my internship? I get to dress up. I wore a dress to work. Do you how dehumanizing it is to wear the exact same khakis and employee t-shirt to work every. single. day? Dehumanizing, I say. Break out the spring dresses!

It's also the perfect job for introvert/extrovert me. I'm surrounded with funny, intelligent, personable people who pop in with funny, intelligent, personable things to say.
Is that the tornado siren?
What do we do? Is it a test?
A test of your loyalty to the college. 
AJ's is open for the summer! And by "summer," they mean summer session.
No, it's only open for one summer session.
I'm like, hello, I work here.
How are you?
It's a Monday. I just want to sleep. It's the kind of day you can feel justified in curling up in bed and watching a movie even though it's actually nice outside.

At the same time, I've got music in my ears and my face glued to the screen. I can ignore everyone if I want to. I love acting introverted while surrounded by people. It's my favorite state of existence.

Sneaking in selfies
My introduction to the office involved donuts and stealing a chair for my desk space squashed between a printer and a shelf. What's not to love?

When I got home, the roomie and I made a Walmart run for pepperonis, tortillas, and kiwis. Our menu for the week involves mostly ramen and leftovers....but first, Dominos pizza. Oh. And I better unpack all that stuff I threw off my bed.

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  1. Replies
    1. I have several, all from a battle between the Brits and the Romans.

  2. What a perfect job for you! Now go out there and CHANGE THE WORLD. :)

    1. Yes, ma'am! One Winston Churchill slideshow after the other. :D

  3. That sounds like *the* (pronounced /thee/) perfect internship for you! =)

    1. Isn't it, though? When we catch up at Glas Coffee House, I should show you some of my projects!

  4. I want your job. I think it would look good on me. Quite the perfect fit.

    1. I wouldn't mind yet another friend in the office! :D


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