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9:38 AM

Happy Hell Week*, everyone! At this time, every student at Hillsdale College is vying for a quiet spot in the library to escape the Siren song of spring and bunker down to the 10-page research papers she should have but did not write over the semester. I've got at least 17 pages left to draft. Shoot me now.

*The week before finals week. I'm almost done with junior year. 

Here's what I use to crawl along toward victory:

1 //// All materials pertaining to the subject matter at hand. All of them. Every notebook, every book, every sticky note substituted for a notebook during an emergency thought process. Also, you need access to Google. Quick access. If you don't have all your resource material, your paragraph will trail off into untruthful guesswork, and you'll feel so vile that the only moral response to such nonsense is quitting your paper altogether and chatting with friends for three hours.

2 //// Study breaks. I mean, sorry, the computer on which to type your paper. I never spend an hour on Facebook while writing papers. Closer to two, maybe? Currently my online procrastination has spanned from this video to this article. Yes, people. I do indeed Google how to beat spring fever in desperate procrastination. I do it right.

3 //// CARBS. Homemade cookies, noodles, light and flaky multi-grain country club crackers. I've determined it's not gluttony because I am truly always hungry while writing papers. Especially when writing papers. And funny enough, I can't type while eating light and flaky multi-grain country club crackers. Wonder why that is.... (P.S. The L&FMGCCCs are courtesy of my bf, who bought me carbs in lieu of flowers because he's sweet like that.)

4 //// CAFFEINE.  SUGARS. Caffeine doesn't affect me. I suppose I must confess that I chug caffeinated soda only because I get this almost prenatal craving for Coke...and I can only justify this craving by saying the caffeine will help me stay awake. Lies. But sweet lies. I can't say no. (My big left me a four-pack of cherry Coke outside my room the other day. She's such an enabler.)

5 //// Study musics! (Sorry, I make everything plural when I'm crazed.) The Batman soundtracks are my jam when writing papers. Unfortunately, it's too gorgeous and spring-y outside to listen to intense Joker themes, so its magic hasn't worked at chaining me to my desk chair. I switched to listening to The Theory of Everything soundtrack and a dinner music playlist on Spotify. Speaking of which, whenever I try to play Batman music on Spotify, Meghan Trainor's "Lips Are Movin'" starts playing. And won't stop. It's caused me so much angst recently.

What are your paper writing essentials?

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4 impressions

  1. Great list! I have a research paper to write before I graduate high school that I keep procrastinating on.

    Caffeine doesn't affect me much either. It might make me a little hyper, but it's small enough that I can contain it without too much effort. The last few times I had it at night though it kept me up. That never used to happen to me so it was kind of weird.

    And why did you have to mention the "Lips are Movin'" song? It got stuck in my head and I hate it... :)

    1. Secret: I never wrote a research paper in high school. I voluntarily wrote two in elementary school (one on cats, one on horses, of course), but I had no idea what I was doing when I got to college. O.o

      I'M SORRY. If I mention "Dear Future Husband," will it knock the other Meghan Trainor song out of your mind? ;) Great. Now that one's stuck in my head too. MERGH.

    2. Fun! I would have freaked out once I got to college. :) I do like writing though, but I like writing fiction better.

      Thankfully I don't know that one... :)

    3. Yeah, I can't say I'm a huge fan of paper writing, though nonfiction writing comes more easily to me than fiction.



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