8 Easy 5-Minute Hairdos Tested By a Normal Person

8:00 AM

Brit-Co promised me 18 5-minute Hairdos That Will Transform Your Morning Routine...and were also "quick 'n easy." (Yes, they left off the other apostrophe in 'n'.) Well, I like quick. I like easy. I like spring hair. In fact, I like anything that keeps my two feet of hair from dragging in the chicken pot pie. 

I thought I'd dummy-proof 8 of these hairdos. Are they really easy, five minutes, and transformative

We'll find out.


WaterFAIL Braid

Total Time: 9 Minutes
Morning Routine Transformed? Yep. Into screaming and crying.


3 Minute and 47 Seconds Downward Spiral of Despair
(She wasn't kidding when she said it worked best on short hair.)

I really wanted this to work...on to Round 2!

Psst. If you've got lots of hair, tuck your bang strands in first,
divide the rest of your hair into two rolls, and then insert lots of bobby pins.
Lots of bobby pins. 

Total Time: 15 minutes
Easy? Kind of. It'd work if I didn't roll my hair
all to one side of my head.
Morning Routine Transformed? Still a skeptic.


 Kind of crown?

Total Time: 15 minutes (I strugglebused with the actual braiding)
Easy? Yes? Except I required intensive assistance
from my roommate to tuck away loose strands.
Morning Routine Transformed? Hope still exists.
It's a simple concept that keeps my hair out of my face
while still wearing it down.


Spring Scarf-Choked Bun

Total Time: 30 seconds to wrap around the scarf
(5 seconds to promptly rip it off)
Easy? Sure. Easy like falling off a cliff.
Morning Routine Transformed? I feel like an uncool girl back in the '80's.
No way am I wearing this to class.


The No Bun

Total Time: 3 minutes
Easy? Super simple.
Morning Routine Transformed? Well...I just don't have the hair for it.
(p.s. The YouTube tutorial is terrifying.)


The Imperfect Braided Headband
(Actually, I don't know what this is.)

Total Time: Two minutes
Easy? I gave up following the directions....
Morning Routine Transformed? NEVER.


It's actually a knotted bun!

Total Time: 9 minutes (because I'm a perfectionist)
Easy? Easy peasy. Totally my skill level.
Morning Routine Transformed? This is my new go-to bun.


BAM. Tousled top knot. What up, doubters.

Total Time: 6 minutes
Easy? Babies can do it.
Morning Routine Transformed? This is officially my everyday hairstyle. 

Mission accomplished. 

Link up with your own hair tutorials! What hairstyle will you dare to try?

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14 impressions

  1. Oh goodness, your photos are adorable. This post made me laugh with its realness. XD I'd love to try some of these, but I'm lousy at braiding anyone else's hair, let alone my own, so well done! I take my hat off to you! I may see if I can hire a little sister...

    1. Your thought process is exactly like mine: Ooo, cool hairdo! Can't braid. Must find little sister.....

      BUT I'M ALONE AT COLLEGE. I've got to be intrepid. You know what's even worse? My girlfriends see ME as the hair-doer person. What a joke. :P :D

  2. This is brilliant. Finally a article about hair that is 100% accurate! Hair is hard. So hard.
    Good job on #7 and #8 - looks lovely!

    1. Why, thank you! Someone the other day said, "Oh, waterfall braids are SO EASY."

      They must live with a different level of easy. :P

  3. You did your hair? I'm like SPITTING OUT MY COFFEE OVER HERE. Seriously, I want to repost this and show everyone how clever my sister is. :) (I died.)
    And the tuck/headband thing works best with wet hair. And wider headbands. :)

    1. Hahaha! I knew you'd be impressed. ;) I'll try the tuck with wet hair once I get around to taking a shower. (Yeah....it's that kind of week.)

  4. Bailey, you're an adorable goof. God broke the mold after He made you. :)

    1. :D I'm afraid there's more of your side of the family in me than you'd like to admit. ;) I love you!!

  5. This whole post could be about me trying to do my hair, except I don't take pictures of the results. There's a reason I wear a ponytail most days. My hair is about the same in length as yours and I have the same problem with the 2-minute updo. My hair is wavy (think ringlets with no ambition), which doesn't help.

    But someday I will master the Gibson tuck. It doesn't *look* hard.

    1. I'm so glad you understand! I literally cannot wear my hair down anymore. It gets everywhere, especially when static-y. I'm going to chop it off ASAP....and then I'll be able to do the 2 minute updo. ;) I can actually do the Gibson tuck when my hair's wet. As soon as it starts drying, though....meh. Disaster. Such as the entire thing coming undone while leading worship. >facepalm<

  6. You're just so cute! ^_^ <333

  7. I'm the sort of girl who doesn't like to spend more than about two minutes on my hair. It's also very long and veeeery thick. I do three things with it: pony tail in the morning. Then I braid it in the afternoon because otherwise it starts getting in my face. For church and a few other occasions, I use a Flexi Clip in a simple bun; it's the only thing that actually keeps my hair in a bun.

    1. Long hair girls unite! Yeah, I generally don't spend a lot of time on my hair, either. Fortunately, my hair isn't as thick as yours.....I can't imagine long AND thick hair!!


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