3 Day Fashion Degression

8:00 AM

My "fashion" lasts for three days. To put it another way, my willingness to spend sleeping-in time on looking nice lasts for about one day...and then I just roll with the vestiges of fashion for the rest of the week. 

Day One happens on a shower day. Something about spending thirty minutes in the shower and ten minutes combing Rapunzel's locks makes me think to myself, "Look, why not take a few extra minutes of your morning to wow the world with your potential modeling capacities?"

Normally I knot my long wet hair into a bun of some sort because if you know me, you know I hate feeling wet things. Two feet of wet hair makes me sad. I decided to celebrate today's spring showers by leaving my wet hair down in boho fashion. (Okay, okay. It was actually because I was running late to my bio class.)

I usually steal my roommate's dresses. Here I'm wearing her dress, her sweater, and I was wearing her shoes, but they rubbed a blister into my right pinky toe. Just the right one. (I have asymmetrical feet?)

Also in celebration of spring, I've been wearing more of a light makeup palette. (Why is Bailey talking about make-up?? I don't know. I've been reading fashion blogs? I'm shaking things up a bit? Surprise, I'm a girl? Take your pick.) Anyway, I add a nude eyeshadow with a bit of light brown in the corners because nobody actually will notice what I do with my eyes, and I figure adding two colors instead of one makes me more eyeshadow savvy. Then I line my lower lid with brown eyeliner with mismatched tails in the corners of my eyes. I hate eyeliner. I use a brown pencil to prevent the Middle School Raccoon look....and the I Should Know How to Use Eyeliner but I Don't look. You know what I mean. Then I finish it off with a coat of mascara and a little bit of pink lipstick.

I love lipstick. I don't like leaving gigantic pink mouth imprints on my steak burrito. I don't like picking colored dry skin off my lips. I don't like scrubbing off lipstick stains on my boyfriend's Monday morning suit jacket. But I do love lipstick in the abstract...enough to wear it on rainy spring days.


Day 2 and I'm already going casual. T-shirt and jeans, normally. Never a college t-shirt, mind -- a nicer shirt and good-fitting jeans. Not the jeans I wear to fight practice that are currently muddy and balled up somewhere in the closet. And I'm sure to be wearing my gray wedges until the ground dries out enough to pull on my flats (all of which are falling apart). 

Make-up is whatever survived the night. Maybe I'll scrub off mascara stains if it migrated underneath my eyelids in a socially unacceptable way. If I'm awake enough to remember, I'll slip some Eos lip balm across my lips to hide the telltale signs of chronic dehydration. I never brush my hair. In fact, I'm surprised I put it up this morning. Day 2 usually involves taking my hair out of its nighttime ponytail and letting it flop voluminously to the side. I was interviewing an adult today, though, so I couldn't go totally careless. I stuck some bobby pins in for a tipsy tousled top knot and called it good. My favorite scarf and some flower accessories made it looked like I cared a little more than I actually did.


Day 3 and I'm so done.

Showers? Hairbrushes? Style? What even are those and who even cares?

Mascara slides still further down my face, mingling with the dark under-eye circles. Hair usually gets a few tiny knots by this time.

I throw my hair into a ponytail and pull out the first pair of pants and the first shirt I find crumpled up on the floor.

I won't tell you about the rest of the week. It's all down hill from there. 

How does your style progress...or degress...throughout the week?

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  1. Hello Bailey, So good to know you through your profile on the blogger. I am glad to stop by your blog post and could see you in different outfits. More than this I am blessed to know you as a young woman who love the Lord. I am from Mumbai, India the other part of the world but the Lord has purpose in getting us connected. I did come across your profile earlier and may have commented on your earlier post but again the Lord has purpose. I am in the Pastoral ministry for last 37lyrs in the great city of Mumbai a city with great contrast where richest of rich and the poorest of poor live. We reachout to the poorest of poor with the love of Christ to bring healing to the broken hearted. We also encourage young and the adults from the West to come to Mumbai to work with us during their vacation time. We would love to have you come to Mumbai to work with us during your vacation time. My email id is: dhwankhede(at)gmail(dot)com and my name is Diwakar Wankhede. Looking forward to hear from you very soon. God's richest blessings on you.

  2. Bahahaha ...


    I love this.

    I typically enjoy "dressing up" ... I've ruined a lot of good clothes simply because I tried to clean the bathroom in them. Think Julia Child meets Laura Ingalls and they then learn the art of cooking in a kitchen adorned with shabby chic and multiple jars of wildflowers. Except I don't wear heels and I always wear an apron.

    When I was 16 I began wearing a headcovering. Back then it was a white, solid triangle that sat on my head like a heavy statue. I was still figuring out what God thought about modesty, feminine-ness and beauty.

    Now, 9 years later, I think I've found the right mixture for me. I still wear a headcovering and wear dresses/skirts but they aren't the baggy, formless kind I wore long ago. I try to wear neat, tailored outfits that speak of beauty without being flashy and that are modest without being frumpy. Of course, compared to most the world, I still dress like a grandma but my husband says I'm a very cute one. ;)

    It took a long time for me to discover that modesty wasn't accomplished by one certain jumper style or certain color of headcovering. It was also a long time before I finally figured out that righteousness wasn't made through my clothing choices either. And I'm a lot happier and at rest since those discoveries. :)

    And that is me in three paragraphs or so.

    Probably more than you bargained for.


    I appreciate you!

    1. I appreciate YOU! I'm such a fan of dressing up for everyday things. Minus heels. You sound like an adorable dresser, just like your husband says. ;)

      It's funny how our clothing choices can actually be an indicator of spiritual growth and growing into one's skin...feeling confident about one's clothing choices can mean lots of things, but for me, it's like what you said: my clothes aren't about my righteousness, modesty was messier than putting on a skirt, and there's such PEACE in exiting the modesty debates!! :D

  3. Wow.
    First of all, I'm loving all your crazy normal-life posts. I keep DYING of LAUGHTER.
    Second of all, good job with your limited photography stuffs. The first picture looked really cool in the thumbnail. My first thought was, "did someone hack Bailey's blog? She doesn't try to take pictures."
    Third of all, cute dress. :) And this was me yesterday walking around in Joann fabrics - totally makeup-less-acne-ballistic-from-stage-makeup. I did wear a college shirt though. And jeans. Shucks. :)

    1. You likes my photography skillz?? AHHHHH. I try so hard. Or not hard enough. I don't even know. Fotor saves my back multiple times.

      Yeah, dress rehearsal week is equivalent to hell week here at school. It's totally justifiable to wear jeans and a college t-shirt during those two weeks. ;)

  4. I like the idea of looking fashionable, and I'm all for it if the look can be achieved in a time frame of ten minutes or less :)
    But I hate looking sloppy. There's nothing that annoys me more than hair in my face or wrinkles in my clothes (except for someone chewing gum with their mouth open). I give my hair a good brushing and put it in a ponytail in the morning; later in the day I put it into a braid, where it stays until the next morning.
    I'm completely opposite to you when it comes to washing my hair :D I can only wash it in the morning because it takes All. Day. Long to dry. I keep it down for as long as I can handle it, then put it in a ponytail for the rest of the day. Otherwise it stays wet overnight and smells musty.
    I never put on makeup or lipstick. I hate the feeling of chapstick on my lips so I've never even tried lipstick. As for makeup, I hate the idea of painting stuff on my face :/
    I try to dress neatly during the week. For church and 'going out' I wear my dressier clothes and shoes with a little bit of heel.
    All in all, it usually takes less than ten minutes to get ready for the day (which is different from my more fashion-minded sister, who takes that long or longer just to do her hair).

    1. I love hearing your "morning routine"! Gosh, I don't even think I notice wrinkles in my clothes anymore. My hair also takes FOREVVVER to dry, so that's why I put it up in a bun....just so I don't have to mess with wet hair. ;)

      My sisters and I are really different about morning routines, too. I'm one of the fastest, especially when I'm at home and not going out anywhere. :D

  5. do you actually not wash off the mascara and let it last another day? <- read that in a whisper. Cuz I totally do that. (I'm too lazy to wash it off) and my sisters say, "You should really wash the mascara off." I know. I've got better things to do. and I wash my hair every day but I love the feeling of wet hair drying so I am sad when I have to tie it up. But I do tie it up everyday because I work with kids in a public school and I don't want to catch head lice :P Anyway I really enjoyed this post, and I'm one of the fastest at getting ready to... just put on clothes, brush my hair, and go.

    1. *whisper* i totally don't ever wash off mascara until i shower. (1) because i can't. it just smears. (2) i don't have time. (3) i don't care. (4) everybody already has mites in their eyelash follicles, so why bother? *whisper*

  6. Day One (usually a Tuesday). Washed hair the night before. By the time I get up it's almost dry (granted now that I have like two inches of hair it dries in ten minutes...but I've only had two inches of hair for a little over two days so...!) Comb and scrunch into ponytail bun. Throw on one of my identical work outfits. No makeup. Chapstick goes on once I lick my lips and remember how dry they are! Get home and change into A) barn clothes for chores and then into Pjs B) directly into Pjs which I wear for the rest of the day as I putter around the house.
    Days two through five: repeat. Sporadic options C) change into t-shirt, jeans and hiking boots for various outdoor activities or D) into t-shirt, slacks and flats for dinner or movie out.
    Total effort: maybe 5%... maybe.
    Day six (generally Sunday). Get up sometime after the sun has risen. Eat breakfast. Feed animals. Amble back to my bedroom. Remember that I have an entire closet full of nice pretty clothes. Spend a good fifteen minutes wondering exactly which of the many outfits I hardly ever wear anymore I want to celebrate my day off with. Wander into bathroom and browse my jewelry bag. Possibly go back and forth several times trying to put together the perfect ensemble before Sister yells that we need to get going to be to (generally church) on time. Still no makeup. Spend the rest of the day not wanting to change out of the pretty clothes despite having chores and outdoor activities to pursue.
    Day Seven: repeat of six.
    Total effort: generally at least 95% more if I feel like breaking Math. :P


    1. Haha! This sounds like me at home! I never wore pajamas during the day as a homeschooler (unlike the stereotypes), but I do all the time now that I'm a college kid! :D

  7. I am so with you! All my friends think I dress nicely all the time, but really I never leave the house more than twice a week #homeschoolproblems. But whenever I get out more than usual, it is a slippery slope downward. By the end of the week I just don't care anymore. I'm fairly sure college will kill whatever fashion sense I have. :P
    Great post! :)

    1. This is such a homeschool problem. :P I predict your college fashion sense will experience a sudden burst of inspiration due to all the fashionable young women around you...and then once you realize how long it takes and how much brain power it sucks up, you'll go back to jeans and never return. ;) :D

  8. What is fashion? o.o

    To be honest the only time I make an effort outside of a T-shirt and jeans is when I put on a cleaner T-shirt and nicer jeans for running errands around town, and church. I always make a good effort for church, and it always begins the night before. Saturday night I tear my drawers and wardrobe apart trying to find an outfit that works, I try on several combinations, and when I finally get what I want together, I choose jewelry and leave everything out so I can crawl into it bleary eyed and half awake the next morning. Bad things happen if I don't plan what to wear the night before. I think I expend every effort on Sunday so there's nothing left for the rest of the week. Oop . Oh well.

    1. Oh, Jasmine! I hear you. I had to change outfits so many times on Sunday that this week is going to be all t-shirts and jeans. And the last time I planned an outfit, my roommate woke up before me and wore it instead. #sharingclothesproblems

      What is fashion? That is the question.....

  9. Homeschooler problems? If I don't have anywhere to go during the week, I'll only take a shower once. Except in the summer. If I'm hot and sweaty I have to take one at least twice.

    I do try to put some effort into looking nice every day, just because it makes me feel better about myself, and I enjoy looking pretty. But that's only if I manage to actually get dressed instead of lying around in my pajamas all day :/ erm, yep...

    1. Hahaha! I am currently in my pajamas and am skipping today's shower to write one of 5 papers due a week from now. I totally know that feel, girl. ;)

    2. If it's taking a shower vs. actually passing your classes, I vote the latter. :D


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