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Oh, to be cool like my little sis and her van bag.....
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I'm a little sassy pants. I mention the "little" part because I am, indeed, small. I'm small, cute-looking, high-pitched, and slightly annoying. Currently the ratio of compliments on my cuteness to compliments on other substantial parts of my personality are 1:0. Not even sure that's how ratios work...which isn't helping my case.

When I'm feeling particularly needy, I don't mind basking in a half-dozen, "You're so adorable!" When it gets down to it, though, I like to remind everybody that my voice is loud because there's knowledge in these brains and my legs are short so I can plant them more firmly. Hear me roar. 

So I say, "I know."

You're looking cute today. "I know."

You're doing it wrong. "I know."

Turn left here. "I know."

You missed the turn. "I know."

Sheesh, you almost crashed into that guy! "I KNOW!"

Just a little insertion of myself into every possible moment, just a little assertion, especially when men get all condescending with their driving instructions.

As I'm learning to rein back my crabbiness, snappishness, and rankled pride, I discovered this quick little tip that leaves me humble in no time: Don't say "I know." 

You're looking cute today. "Thank you!"

You're doing it wrong. "Oops, sorry!"

Turn left here. "Okay!"

You missed the turn. "Sorry."

Sheesh, you almost crashed into that guy! "Thanks for checking my blindspot."

Whenever someone makes an assertion, a command, he wants affirmation. He wants me to recognize that he knows his stuff. He wants me to acknowledge he's right -- sometimes for a little ego boost, sometimes to keep me from causing a twelve-car pile up in Chicago proper. I mean, that's what I want when I tell someone something:

"You should probably tuck your shirt in here more."

"I know."

"Well, why did you ask, grumpy?"

Those two little words are unnecessary. Replace them with okay, thanks, a request for help, or an apology, as the need arises. It's a tiny way of recognizing how often I want to let people know I'm not a helpless cutesy idiot; I know things. It's a tiny way of dying to that prideful desire and taking the correction, command, or advice other people give -- even if I already know it. 

How do you deal with this struggle to be heard but be humble?

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  1. I can just hear you saying, "I know." Come back home. :( :(
    (...and do I look humble in that picture with my van bag?)

    Hm. I think I say "I Know" along with "Like" and "Noodles" too often. I liked this post.

    1. Noodles? I'm actually trying to stop saying "like" as much as possible. I'm successful when I actually think about it.

      Oh, and the photo was to illustrate sassyness. ;)

  2. Heh, so true. My boss asked me to stop saying that when I started working in a restaurant. I had no idea it popped out of my mouth so often! But it makes such a huge difference when you are trying to work with people as a team, in any situation.

    Thanks for sharing. We always need this reminder. Keep it up!

    1. Oh, dear. I'm so glad I figured this out before a boss told me this. Now I can say, "I KNOW" when corrected. ;)

  3. I know I say this way too often. (See what I did there?) I was tempted to go on and on about how my little brother says it too often, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of being humble, wouldn't it?

    I really liked how you said that the other person needs affirmation of what they said, not just an "I know". Which sounds kind of like, "What you just said was completely unnecessary because I know everything already and you should just keep your mouth shut." I hadn't ever thought of it quite like that.

    1. Very clever! :D Yeah, I had no idea how obnoxious and unnecessary "I know" was until people started saying it to me. :P

  4. Ooooo!! I needed this!

    Sometimes I get so hotheaded over the little hints/suggestions/whatnots my sweet man occasionally offers. I just can't stand not being the thought the smartest. Ugh.

    I don't now what I do, to be honest. I think I don't do anything. (I know I get mad, puffed up and rankled ... but I am the older one in this marriage. Hah!)

    But I think I'm going to try a little humility and learn. Won't my darling be surprised the next time he offers a suggestion and I sincerely bless him with a thank you. His socks will be plum knocked off. :)

    1. You're awesome, Frannie!! I love your humor! And thanks for your best wishes on my kind-of-not-really vacation!

  5. p.s. Have fun on you not-vacation but still time away. :)

  6. I had never really thought about the words "I know" in this way before. I saw them all the time so that people know I'm right, but that's just my pride butting in to everything. Thank you for this reminder to be humble.


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