How I Lost My Life in 24 Hours

8:00 AM

The Unexpected Paper Prompt
This is Bailey. Say hello. Bailey had her life together for the past two semesters of junior year. She never missed a class, she got her homework done on time, and she even read ahead on special occasions. Juggling three jobs, two plays, and sixteen credits -- why, that was easy. And the real kicker? She went to bed around midnight every single night...except for the nights when she kept her roommate up chatting about her awesome life, of course.

You might recall that Bailey is a J. She gets a little very much panicky without her planner by her side. As long as Bailey enters her appointments and deadlines into her planner, her life magically goes well. 

This past week Bailey encountered little hiccups in her well-ordered life. She purposefully ignored her phone instead of checking it every two seconds to see what time it was. She pursued some unnecessary writing and reading instead of working on her paper. She chatted with friends and answered blog comments instead of working on her paper. In case you haven't caught on, Bailey had a paper due Friday at 5 PM. It was entered into her planner. All would be well. After all, isn't "procrastination" a code word for "living life"? (Hint: it actually is for college students. Just wait.)

Thursday morning, Bailey finished up the outline for a research paper due at the end of the semester. Like the excellent student she was, she then opened her unfinished religion paper due at 5 PM the next day and felt discouraged that it hadn't magically completed itself. "I'll check my email," she said to herself. "That'll make me feel better."

In her inbox, she found this gem of encouragement: "Just a reminder to you all that CCA papers are due tomorrow at 5 PM."

CCA paper. Due tomorrow.

Nobody told her this. Nobody sent an email, nobody complained about it, and most importantly nobody entered it into her planner. 

Two papers due at 5 PM on Friday? Neither of them finished? One of them she'd never heard of? That was unheard of. It was 5:15ish on a Thursday afternoon. She had less than 24 hours to write eleven pages.

Her response was, naturally, to cry a little. Just a little. Just enough to make her say, out loud, "No. I can do this. All I need to do is not freak out and drink a Coke."

And for the past 24 hours, that's exactly what she did.

This Coke was in celebration of her successful paper-writing. And to keep her awake.

What's your worst deadline mishap?
And isn't Cherry Coke the best thing ever?
(Answer: No. Vanilla Coke's better.)

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  1. Ooo, my worst deadline mishap was when I didn't begin my 24-page senior research proposal until 30 hours before it was due ... bad bad bad ... I showed up a half hour late for the class, having only slept for an hour out of the previous 30, and turned in the sloppiest, most dreadful paper I've ever written. It was so embarrassing. I promised myself I'd never do that again ... and then promptly did, two weeks later.

    I was a lousy undergrad ... hoping to turn things around in grad school ...

    1. Oh, my word. That sounds MISERABLE. And the thing is with research papers, you can't fake the research. :P The only paper I ever turned in late was because I didn't know how to do Turabian style footnoting (or academic footnoting in general, to be real) and had to redo it all. ugh ugh ugh

    2. Hahaha ... oh, Vickie. We share too much in common. :D

    3. If it's any comfort, I haven't the foggiest idea what Turabian style footnoting even is ... I can barely use APA, to be honest!!

  2. Yes!!

    I live to procrastinate papers! Not really ... but the adrenaline rush I get from it seems worth it at the time. Plus, it seems I do my best work when I have less hours than required pages.

    Worst case of paper procrastination? I think it was that time I thought taking an online class would be awesome. Instead, it was the near death of me. I began/ the course a few days before the deadline. In order to finish enough of the requirements I pulled an all nighter, grabbed one hour of sleep (after my victory dance of course), and then woke to meet my then boyfriend for a prearranged breakfast date. He was irritated that I would risk my wellbeing over a silly grade ... of course, he had also planned to propose to me that morning (which he did) and had hoped I wouldn't be so groggy that I'd miss the entire thing. Despite my sleep coma I said yes ... and we live one-year married and blessed.


    1. HAHAHAHA! Frannie, that is the BEST STORY EVER! That's insane! You're insane! But what a great twist ending. ;) Now I'll be secretly hoping that my proposal will come at the end of every late night paper writing sessions. ;)

    2. Congratulations on finishing both papers on time! I'm quite impressed that you still had the energy to write a blog post. I think the first picture clearly showcases the face of true exhaustion (or panic, haha). Your eyes, oh my goodness...

    3. May my story give hope to all the late-nighters Haha!

    4. Anna, you read my eyes perfectly -- exhaustion and panic indeed. ;)

  3. I wasn't surprised about your procrastination / accidentally finding you had a paper done (although I sympathize.)
    My surprise was - actually - when I saw the empty 2 liter soda. You really didn't drink the whole thing. Right?
    (and you're wrong - wild cherry pepsi is better. And it's not coke. But, you know...)

    1. I only chugged a fourth of it. The other three-fourths I drank throughout these past two semesters. ;)

      Ugh. Idk. I like Pepsi. I really do. But cherry Coke, man.....

  4. Bailey! You made it! Now SLEEP =)
    ps. I love your mug!

    1. Yes, ma'am! :D And it's my roommate's mug. Isn't it the best? :)


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