Epic School Fails of the Week

8:00 AM

While I'm traveling back home for a wedding, please laugh at me.

Philosophy Prof: Does anyone have any questions?

Me: HICCUP. //slaps hand over mouth//

My philosophy professor raises his eyebrows. "Did you get drunk before your last class on Friday?"


He continues his skeptical expression. "Did you swear at me?"

"I just hiccuped."

The expression remains.

"I'm underage," I plead, "and a law-abiding citizen."

"That's what you say. Well, as it turns out, this goes right into our discussion of Augustine and what he thinks about the law and what a law-abiding citizen is."


I'm his thesis proofreader. 

I dislike interviewing people. Yeah. I really dislike interviewing people. One of the worst things about interviewing people is using technology. Normally I just record the conversation on my computer. (Who needs notes? Pah. Goodbye, pen and notebook.) My boss said that wasn't working. He gave me a cool sound recorder that bristled with all kinds of microphones. Which rocks, right, because then your computer won't crash and lose the entire conversation. (It only happened once, I promise!) 

The cool sound recorder came with a ton of buttons. I walked through it twice with my boss to make sure I wouldn't press a button and lose the recording or not record the recording or whatever else could possibly go wrong with technology and me. 

The interview went splendidly. An interesting person, a fascinating conversation, and yep, the record button stayed red. Score.

Except, when my boss and I listened to it, nothing happened. He skipped ahead to the six minute mark. The twenty minute. The end. Thirty-one minutes of silence. 

I knew it. 

"I must've hit the wrong button," he said dumbfoundedly. "Oh. It was on the wrong input button. It was using the wrong microphone input."

Sometime during the next day or so, I must reconstruct this interview, write an article about it, and decide what sounds good as made-up quotes, all from memory. Which, to be real, means I'm just a normal reporter, anyway. 

What are your funny professor stories?
Have you ever been interviewed and misquoted?
(Don't get me started on the reporter who
quoted me saying a sentence fragment.
I was pretty furious.)

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3 impressions

  1. Cute picture. :)
    (I remember the sentence-fragment quote! That was when you were still highly self-conscious. . .)

    Hm. Recorders need to be more people friendly. I remember recording piano for AOGG, and the only times I finally nailed the piano accompaniment was (of course!) when I didn't turn on the microphone. We must be sisters, or something.

  2. {{Hugs}} Bailey, this very thing has happened to me - except I wasn't recording a news interview, I was collecting research data. Even worse!! I used the wrong input button on an old, buggy recorder AND had my trainee follow along by doing the very same thing. Two recordings lost. Yipes.

    If nothing else, you've learned ......... ;-)

  3. YOU quoted as speaking in a sentence fragment?! I'm dying of laughter at this moment.

    (I know I haven't been around here in a while, but I'm keeping up on your life and adventures pretty well from the shadows. Like a stalker. But a nice stalker. A nice stalker that isn't at all creepy.)

    Just thought I'd comment for once and inform you that you entertain me quite nicely with your college/life anecdotes and I approve. ;)

    <3 <3 <3


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