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11:28 AM

Story of my life

You wake up at 4:13 AM. Wide awake. Every single song in your musical is running through your head and intersecting in the worst mash-up ever. Every single stress pounds into your bleary brain -- bio exam, fraternity elections, that quick change you failed again last night.

And then it hits you: I have insomnia.

You start freaking out. I can't have insomnia. I went to bed early. I don't care about bio exams, fraternity elections, and failing quick changes. I can't afford this. I'm exhausted. I'm wide awake. MAKE IT STOP.

You try counting and telling yourself a story and reciting Psalm 23 all at once to keep your mind off the five songs frolicking across your shattered nerves. It's not working. You can't focus past two and The Lord is.

Your roommate rolls over. Suddenly, you realize that you've been thrashing in your bed for thirty minutes. Sorry, roomie. You flip the pillow over to the cool side. It's not cool anymore because you flipped it ten seconds ago. Covers on. Covers off. Fine, you'll get up to go to the bathroom to kill time.

You're still wide awake.

You need to punch something fast before the madness overtakes you.

Wait. What if you rolled with it -- with the exhaustion, with the mad song remix, with the racing thoughts? What if you followed them to their natural conclusion? Remember when you desperately Googled how to get songs out of your mind this summer? They said to sing through all of the lyrics, like smashing your CD player to get the disc to stop skipping. You start thinking through all the lyrics, song by song.

Your breathing slows. Your head stops banging. You realize that it's working. You're asleep.

And then your 7:30 AM alarm buzzes. You still have that bio exam.

How do you cure your insomnia now, fellow sleepless?

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  1. Oh my! This describes me to a T, right down to the cool pillow. :) The song mash-up always happened to me after symphony orchestra practice. I would be subdividing and rehearsing all night long.

    Having struggled with insomnia for years, I recently came across one trick that really works for me. If you have been trying unsuccessfully to sleep for more than a half hour, get out of bed and go sit in a chair or on the couch (somewhere other than your bed) in the dark for at least 15 minutes. I have yet to learn why this works...I only know it does. :)

  2. Kate -- Music people probably have the most obnoxious insomnia just because of the mash-ups!! Oh, my goodness, I'm going to try your tip! When I was younger, I'd always go lie on the couch until I was sleepy enough to crawl back into bed. I stopped trying that when I went to's just SOOOO cold in the lobby!! :D


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