I Live in the Green Room

7:31 PM

I've spent the past week doing this...and scrubbing it off again.
I've spent the past six weeks working on Almost, Maine.
I've spent the past six weeks as someone else's pretend girlfriend.
I've spent the past week bundled up in winter clothes and catching paper snowflakes on my tongue.

Welcome to my life. :)

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4 impressions

  1. Wait. . .this looks like how I dress each morning!! I mean...our closet practically has icicles.

    I'm so SAD I didn't get to see you in your play!!! Agh. Someday. You look adorable.

    And that's a lot of makeup. :D

  2. This vignette was my favorite when my high school (in Maine) did this play. :) I am sure you did a fabulous job!

  3. Beautiful set! Looks like a great show. I am not familiar with "Almost, Maine", but my daughter just finished performing in Cobweb Dreams so I'm sure she could relate to "Living in the Green Room" Of course, she would probably live her entire life in the Green Room if she had her way. She just auditioned for A Christmas Carol last Saturday!



  4. you are so adorable on so many levels.


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