11:39 AM

I sat cross-legged on my bed and called up the Hillsdale Walgreens manager. Remember me? My manager asked if I could work here during the school year? 

Long story short, he said of course! Bring in your schedule when you get in town and I'll put you to work.

What. Even. I have this whole financial web I wove this summer, and this was a crucial piece. WHAMO. I'll be helping people get, stay, and be well in Michigan too. And have immediate, discounted access to Doritos.


I bounce around more now that I reconciled with God. (Turns out that my energy and happiness ties directly into the joy of knowing and loving Jesus Christ. Who knew, right?) Anyway, Tuesday morning I was not bouncing. I was hitting the "five minutes more, please" button on my phone alarm before groaning, straining, dying out of my bed to pack my lunch and open the store. Half-asleep (and still mostly grumpy), I told God, "These are the people you want me to love today. Help me love them well."

He took me up on that. Attempted theft, the same mentally ill woman screaming on the phone, crazy long lines, the phone ringing off the hook, being understaffed, no lunch until really late (a problem for someone who chose sleep over breakfast), getting snapped at by another coworker, and people asking about obscure vaginal cream and ISIS and just generally being rude and cranky. 

Utter. Panic. I wanted to cry. I wanted someone (but not a creepy, clingy customer) to hug me...until I grouchily remembered that such a request counts as sexual harassment. I walked around with shattered nerves, pounded upon by the same parked calls rattling in the background as I paged for my manager who called back unavailable and the line piled up. When I finally decided I was cranky and stressed about the entire population of my small town...I remembered. Oh. He gave me these people to love. I better get about to loving them.

And they weren't all bad, either. These two super nice ladies bought and shared licorice snaps with me. A veteran stopped to give me marriage advice after he told me he was married for 50-something years: "Just be sure that he's the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. And make sure he feels the same." 

Sometimes choosing joy and love means faking it until you make it -- grinning and talking sweetly when the whole retail world closes about your head in a mass of rudeness and non-stop phone calls.

By the way, did I mention I lost my fear of phones? 

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  1. This was such a beautiful post. It totally rang in my heart after a hard day at work myself. Thank you so very much. It gives me hope that, while I do not wish this stress on others, there are others like you who understand. Thank you so much. I hope my prayers can help. (:

  2. I've almost lost my fear of phones from working in customer service, too. and you poor girl. I can relate, if it helps any.


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