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Just a quick note of encouragement for poor college students -- God cares greatly about your financial situation. Enough to work miracles for you. Miracles big enough to cover insane private college expense 100% debt free.

It's crazy how expensive everything is. How does any kid fresh from his parents' comfortable nest pay the bills? It all appears the greatest mystery to me. (Rich uncles, I'm sure, are the secret to any financial stability in this day and age.)

When I first applied to Hillsdale, I knew only two things about finances: (1) I didn't want to go into debt at all, and (2) God provided financially for things according to His will. Naive, bold, stupid, if you like -- especially with my college's tuition rate. But I was excited. I wanted to be poor and dependent upon God, just so I could see Him provide, just so I could see Him hold faithful to His promise to take care of His children's needs.

That confidence got horribly shaken last summer as I worked my low-payment camp counselor jobs. My parents had crunched the numbers again with tuition and my savings account. . .and there was very little hope I'd be able to go back to school without some sort of miracle happening.

Well, then, start praying for a miracle!

Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, 
that there may be food in my house.
And thereby put me to the test, says the LORD of hosts,
if I will not open the windows of heaven for you
and pour down for you a blessing
until there is no more need.
- Malachi 3:10 -

Test me, He says. Test Him on His promise to provide for my needs. Test Him on His promise to honor those who put Him first. Test Him on His faithfulness, His omnipotence.

I needed the windows of heaven to open and a blessing to satisfy my needs, so I increased my tithe on my pitiful salary and flung fear to the wind. I applied for scholarships and applied for jobs, thinking that through those means He would work my miracle.

The school bill came, my savings account got wiped, and my miracle still was nowhere to be seen.

And then it came, out of nowhere, in the middle of the fall semester, in a huge amount, in a way I never, ever could have expected -- enough miracle to cover the next semester and the two years after that, enough blessing poured down until I had no more need. 

Emboldened, and planning for future after school, I applied for another scholarship (still waiting to hear back on that) and something like twenty jobs. Got a couple phone interviews while at school, followed up with my applications the day after I got back from college, and applied for more jobs. The day I felt most discouraged, most convinced I would spend my summer pretending to want to submit short stories to magazines and drowning my boredom in library-borrowed novels, I got a call for an in-person interview.

And it was such a perfect job -- a great environment, good starting pay, decent hours, no greasy hamburgers, lonely people stopping by every day just to chat. He needed somebody bubbly, high energy. (Me! Me!) I wanted it so badly. . .but he was hesitant to hire seasonal workers. Too much hassle. And he had several other interviewees to go through. Plus, I'm pretty sure I didn't say enough, I said too much, I smiled stupidly when I should have expressed my enthusiasm.

I crashed with a library book for the rest of the day and got a call from a local fast food joint. They wanted to interview me. I brightly accepted and died inside. Greasy hamburgers and insane hours and a work schedule inconsistent enough to keep me from ever seeing my boyfriend on the weekends ever again.

Today, this morning, I hid under my covers until irresponsible hours, devoid of purpose and motivation. And then I got a call. From the first job. Did I want a position? Did I? Did I? I'm pretty sure if he ever doubted my bubbliness and high energy, I convinced him -- cheesy inflection and all. 

And I was right. I was right about God and His ability to provide. I was right about Him even though the numbers didn't look good and the odds didn't stack up. He was right about Himself. Test Me, and I'll provide for your need.

Um, yeah, He will. 

So what are you waiting for? Take that need to Lord in prayer right now. Test Him. Try Him. And see Him throw open the windows of heaven just for you.

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  1. Yay for Jehovah-Jireh! Where will you be working? (Send me an email if you don't want the specifics on your blog.) I'll swing by. You know...lonely people stopping by just to chat. Okay. I'm not really lonely--but I have missed YOU. = )

  2. JENNY! I somehow managed to not bump into you last night at the cast party. :'( I'm working at Walgreen's, so you have no excuse not to swing by. ;) In like, a few weeks, though, because they're still processing my drug test. O.o

  3. Oh, I didn't see you there! I might see you in a minute though, if I go pick up Lydia at Lindsey's. (Might be the hubs.)

    We go to Walgreen's quite often. That's our pharmacy, plus they have good prices on milk and Mountain Dew sometimes. ; )

  4. Bailey, this is SO encouraging!! Our God is sooooo eternally good!!

  5. That's wonderful that you're staying debt free through this. That's huge. So glad you're making that a priority. Praise God!

  6. Hey Bailey! Thank you! Well for all that you said. I never quite realized how much I really do need God and a Savior, until I started reading yours, and Bethany's, blogs. And this one post here.... well even though I have at least 6 years till collage, you really lifted my hopes. And thanks to you, I am pursuing a baby sitting license this summer. And for collage I am going to try for a nurses degree......
    Yes. I am that far ahead in planning. =)

    Love ya!
    ~Marie K~

  7. Congratulations on your new job! God is so very, very good! :)


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