Life in Selfies: College Edition

4:15 PM

Let's just get one thing straight. I cannot take photos for the life of me. No exaggeration. I try to warn dressed-up girls that no, seriously, I'm bad at taking photos and will ruin their memories of this special dance night. They don't listen and toss me dirty looks after reviewing the crooked, weirdly focused, oddly angled picture I took for them.

Well, I told you.


Zero camera skills means no pictures from sophomore year. Hence webcam selfies. Yes, I'm conceited. Enjoy regardless.

// No sleep + No time + Insanity = Barely scraping through five academic classes. LIFE FAIL. I study. A lot. In the library, in the cozy formal lounge, in my bed, in my sleep. . . .actually, to be honest, I used to study a lot. I gave up and traded productivity for whining about how tired I am. //

// Valentine's Day 2014. I bought him a box full of heart chocolates. Apparently girls aren't supposed to buy chocolates for their boyfriends. That's the boy's job. Whatevs. I figure one of the couple should get chocolate on Valentine's Day. P.S. I love this kid. //

// As a resident assistant, I spend many lonely nights sitting up late making sure that no boys sneak into the dorm and no pipes backflow into the lower hall and no deer crash into windows. All of which have happened at one point or the other. This face should be happier, because I had three hours of uninterrupted study. . .but that extrovert thing. I CAN'T STUDY ALONE. //

// I make weekly video devotionals for the sweetest, wittiest, loveliest, and realest girls I know -- a bunch of fantastic young Christian artists, writers, and photographers who congregate on Facebook. This selfie comes from accidentally hitting "take a picture" instead of "take a video." Technology sometimes hates me. Also, notice the dorm room. Notice that it's clean. It's not clean anymore. //

// My sister wanted a photo of my new haircut. . .which looks a lot like my old haircut. #anticlimactic Selfies are an essential form of long-distance communication between beloved sisters -- especially when it comes to new hairstyles. Also, I was waiting for my boy to come home from a weekend trip. He made me jump out of a window to hug him. I felt like a bruised Rapunzel. //

// The one warm day in Michigan! We celebrated the one-and-only spring day by reading out by a pond in the Arboretum and pretending to do homework. //

// To celebrate the Twins' birthday, Erich and I recreated photos of them. Best. Night. Ever. See finished results here. //

// Happy Finals Week! I'm back in the library cramming for a New Testament exam. Paraenesis, redaction criticism, kerygma, more random Greek words. . . . Toodleoo until next week, when summer and freedom and real blog posting starts! //

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4 impressions

  1. This was way too great for words. I think I smiled too dorkily for grins! It was just what I needed for the fifteen minute break between my work schedule!

  2. these are great. ahahaha, i love you. :)

  3. Loved seeing all the faces of "you". But I especially can't wait to see you in person later this week when you come home from college! Love from your mother.

    P.S. It looks like you have a lot of peanut butter left over.


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