Good Afternoon, World

6:12 PM

Before - huzzah for cheesy, unwanted webcam selfies!
Dressed in my younger sister's business attire (slightly-chipped green nails effortlessly matching the green skirt), I faced the working world with all the naivete, friendly smiles, and shaking of legs that I could muster. 

I'm almost twenty. Never worked a regular job. I know how to handle ten wild third-graders, manage a home business, direct a play, work out of state for the summer, and kick out males staying past visitation hours in the dorm. Work a cash register? Wait a table? Do basic addition in my head as I make small talk with a grumpy customer?

Well, let's hope I can.

I spent a surprisingly uneventful half hour picking up applications from local businesses and have been spending several days filling out every. single. one of them. My eyes -- they burn. My heart -- it hopes like only innocence in the face of brutal reality can. 

P.S. I'm back home for a much-needed b-r-e-a-k. I choose to spend it researching papers, reading Victorian literature, and applying for summer jobs.  You know something? When I finally get enough rest and recuperation to think for a second, I immediately stay up super late, head abuzz with ideas, and work myself to a dizzying pulp of dreams and plans. At school, I'm a burnt-out introvert. At home, I'm a high-heeled Energizer Bunny scheming to conquer the world.

P.P.S. I want to write a book about love -- not waiting for Prince Charming, but what on earth you do when Prince Charming actually shows up. 

P.P.P.S. THAT REMINDS ME. I need to send that short story to a million different magazines. . . .


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4 impressions

  1. I heartily AMEN that part about what on earth you do when Prince Charming shows up.....I'm currently trying to figure that out myself!!! lol He's what?!!!

  2. Hahaha! You got it, girl ! There's always Cruise In for a fallback option ;) lol

    P.S. Writing a book about love ? Please do it !!!! It would be very encouraging and helpful. Your advice has definitely helped me ;)

  3. Hey sweet girl! I was thinking of you and then - bam! This arrived in my inbox. Honestly, you are one of the FEW blogs I still subscribe to because God has placed you deep in my heart. I'm excited to see your journey and praying that he will lead you in your quest for a job... remember, you reflect Him everywhere you go and that can most certainly be done at a cash register or filing papers. You look so grown up - *sniff* and I'd love to reconnect!!!! I've been kind of missing on the net and esp the blogging world, etc... read my last post to catch up, if you feel like it! Be blessed sister. Cassandra (from theunpluggedfamily)

  4. Rachel -- I'll hopefully be writing more posts on what God's been teaching me through over 9 months of dating. To help prompt my creativity and narrow down topics, do you have specific questions? Or do you see any specific issues that need addressing? Not that I have the answers -- I'm just curious to see if my questions/struggles match up with other girls'.

    Sarah -- THAT WOULD BE THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER. To work with you, that is. :)

    CASSANDRA!!!!!! I read your post a while back, and thought it meant you were gone from the internet forever. I'm so glad you're still around!! Email me? I'd love to hear what's going on with you!


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