College Girl

People Say Have Fun...I Say My Ego's on Trial

12:18 PM
College Girl

Paper Writing

12:59 AM
Conforming to Christ

Character + Faith

8:26 AM
College Girl

How to Be an Adult in 10 Simple Steps

8:05 AM
College Girl

Because of the Cold

1:22 PM
Growing Up

The Story Test

10:45 AM

9:15 PM
Love and Mawwiage

How to Love a Man of Few Words without Going Crazy

10:38 AM
Love and Mawwiage

You Lead, and I'll Follow Right Next to You

10:05 AM
College Girl

My Philosophy on Test Taking

2:47 PM
College Girl

I Live in the Green Room

7:31 PM
College Girl

The Problem with Loving People

1:06 AM
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4:34 PM
College Girl

Random Thoughts on Reading

4:39 PM

A Word to the Fighters

10:02 AM
College Girl

Jumping Life

5:16 PM
Girl Talk

Why Almost Every Approach to Dating and Courtship Is Fundamentally Flawed

2:17 PM
College Girl

When I Grow Up...

11:30 AM
College Girl


11:39 AM

At the Table

3:49 PM
Adventures of a Hapless Homemaker

Home Alone

8:56 PM