16 Things to Do with a Moment

9:19 AM

We talk about living to the fullest, living for Jesus, day by day. But time doesn't come cut off from the year in blocks as big as days. It gets chipped off moment by moment by moment. What we do with those moments counts for eternity.

1. Just sit and take it in.

2. Don't multitask. Do one thing at a time and fully focus on the moment.

3. Give it a moment of silence.

4. Praise Jesus for it.

5. Use it to look someone in the eye and tell how much you love her.

6. Put your best effort into it.

7. Decide right there to change.

8. Let go of anger, stress, bitterness and any other "small" sin.

9. Repent immediately.

10. Turn your focus outward -- to others and ultimately to Jesus.

11. Don't whine.

12. Forgive.

13. Forget excuses.

14. Start.

15. End.

16. Go.

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2 impressions

  1. Ugh - yes! Now, if I'll somehow be able to mentally/physically make use of every single one of my moments, I would be content. :) But seriously - this made me think. Even though it was obviously obvious...just never really thought about it before.

    And I love you. :)



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