A Word of Advice

1:58 PM

Happy Fools. And I'm hoping his tan will rub off on me. All I've got is sunburned knees.
If you find a boy who. . .

lets you talk and talk and talk (and talk and talk. . .) without interrupting or telling you to shut up,

calls you beautiful even when you're sniffling and running a temperature,

thinks you're cute when you throw temper tantrums,

holds your hand no matter where you are (small bookstore aisle notwithstanding),

laughs just because he's happiest with you,

plays with all your siblings even when they won't stop following him around,

respects your daddy,

apologizes for small things,

holds you close when you cry,

admires your faith and strength instead of feeling threatened by them,

understands what you mean to say even when you say it all wrong,

overlooks your infinite list of faults,

loves other people,

whispers every ten seconds that he likes you,

stands for what he believes while still relating to and tolerating others who are different,

speaks only when necessary,

gives good advice, gentle rebuke and nonstop encouragement,

admires and respects your differences,

makes you laugh harder than you ever have in your life,

gets you excited about sunsets, rivers and beautiful things,


tries to follow Jesus and put Him first,

hold onto that boy no matter what.

Unfortunately, you probably won't find a boy like that. I already took him. :)

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8 impressions

  1. this is precious. absolutely adorable, pure truth and just made me squeal inside. :)

    i don't think i can handle the feels of my big sis having a boyfriend. WHAT.

  3. *SIGH*

    So happy for you, my sweet Bailey. =)

  4. What a cute couple you two make! And you both look sickeningly happy. ;-)


  5. You forgot to add, is good at making pancakes in the morning while being drilled by younger sisters.

    Still contemplating my opinion. Maybe by next weekend I'll give you my evaluation. :)

  6. Dear Bailey, I'm just an anonymous reader who lives on the other side of the world, but simply seeing the picture of the two of you just makes my heart sing. Dunno why. I'll be praying for you both just to get to smile as I remember the joy in your eyes.


  7. AH. (I think every girl will fight this arguement ... ;))


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