Today's the Day!

3:25 PM

Today is an ordinary day. Less than ordinary day, if I think about it. I've got nothing to do and nowhere to go. I don't even have those little responsibilities that somehow slip my mind -- making my bed and arduous tasks like that. If somebody asked me, "Tell me, what did you do today?", I don't think I could give an answer. Not an interesting one, at any rate.

It's not that I love the hectic with cars going back and forth and the house emptying and filling with Bergmanns at rapid speed. I just like purpose. I like waking up to face triumphs bigger than exhausting my Facebook feed. I want lives to change and God to work and things to happen. Look at the missionary biographies or the Gospels -- did those people slow down from exhorting, healing, working and casting out demons? Not one chance. I can't picture our Lord stretching from a good night's sleep and thinking, "Hmm, I've got nothing to do today." If it wasn't feeding the masses, it was probably making chairs and tables.

And then there's my lazy life. The problem is that even though I'm on break, I've got nothing to take a break from. School no longer terrorizes me -- I'm quite rested from that, thank you. I haven't a job or a ministry, and even most of my chores got shuffled around to other siblings once I left for college. This past month feels pretty purposeless. I want a break from breaks.

Halfway through these gloomy, lazy thoughts as I milled about the kitchen, I remembered what one of my college mentors told me at the beginning of the school year: "Never wish away a day. No matter how hard a day gets, don't wish it away. God gave you that day." That got me through homesick days and hell week and the days that threatened to split into pieces my brain and my heart.

If I think about it, what's to stop that same train of logic from chugging into the station of ordinary lazy days? Even when I'm about to go bonkers from boredom, I can't wish away that day. God gave me this day, with all its nothingness and quietness and seeming purposelessness.

See, God is a master artist, an excellent author, a purposeful planner. Said types never add an unnecessary stroke or useless chapter or moot point. It may look like it to someone who's peeking over their shoulders and questioning every step of the way -- "That's just a blob -- that doesn't even make sense -- that doesn't add anything -- why'd you do that?" But to someone who knows what he's doing -- and He does, by the way -- that vestigial part of his masterpiece might be more pivotal than onlookers think.

I don't pretend to know what on earth this ordinary day adds to my life or God's plan. But I do know that it isn't purposeless. He made it, He gave it to me, and I'm going to live it in that light -- as if it's the most important day of my life. Because it is, in a way. He wouldn't have added it if it wasn't.

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  1. You don't have a ministry? This blog sure has helped people, whether you consider it a ministry or not.

    I needed this post. All too often I'll have a 'bad day' that didn't turn out right; and I just feel like doing nothing and waiting until the next day so that I can 'start over.' Today was actually one of those days; though I resisted the urge to waste it and ended up getting stuff done.

    I think that no matter the situation, there is always something we can be doing to further Christ' Kingdom. We always have something we could or should be doing for His glory, and I need to do a better job of taking advantage of that.

    So thanks for the post.

    Also, your artist analogy was spot-on. I am all too familiar with people saying stuff like "That's just a blob -- that doesn't even make sense -- that doesn't add anything -- why'd you do that?" while I'm trying to draw something. I'm so glad God is a better artist than me, though!

  2. I'm so glad you decided to use your nothing day to post. In your whirlwind of college, we all missed your lively lovely thoughtful blogging. :)

  3. I definitely needed to hear this today.

  4. And I completely agree with Jonathan. You may not have an "official church" ministry. But this blog? I'd say it's your ministry. It's your platform God has given you. You'll never know how much you've inspired me, and I'm sure others.

  5. This cheered me up. Thanks! I've been having a not-so-great-day but now it's become more worthwhile to me. Isn't it crazy what a smidgen of perspective can do? :)

    ~ RacheL H.


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