10:19 PM

I know what you're thinking: "What on earth could be Bailey possibly be doing that is more important than blogging?"

Oh, nothing much. Inspiration comes as slowly as my internet. (I had a post on procrastination in my head but never got around to writing it.)

Actually, I lie: I'm busy, busy, busy. Being as popular as I am (*cough*), I dedicated this week to parties and photo shoots, girls' group and goodbyes. I'm gearing up for the responsibility of five classes, one play, homework, a job, major socializing, phone calls home, emails, texts, Facebook, blogging and God and Bible studies and -- oh, right: Sleep.

Plus, I have to adjust to looking presentable every single day, staying out of theological fights and balancing plates of healthy food (like hamburgers and pizza) in the cafeteria crush.

Fortunately for me, I'll be able to deal with all this insanity due to my obsessive habit of reading schoolbooks ahead of time: Being Logical will thus (I hope) rub off on me.

Am I making sense? I thought not. I guess I'm not logical at all. I guess going to bed at crazy hours for the past three nights doesn't help either.


Since this post, I've decided, is not logical and does not follow any sort of traceable path, I leave with a heart-stirring rendition of "Complete in Thee" sung by the Garage Girls. Sound effects by Caroline and Tiger.


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  1. I think Hannah and I were singing the same notes just in different octaves. ;P

    Baiweeeey, we we'll have to turn into a trio now. Boo.

    Btw, on the way to Michigan, we're going to do my school - including a dramatic reading of Julius Caesar.

  2. i LOVE it! I need to write a procrastination post, but I think I'll wait awhile.
    You girls have beautiful voices!

  3. Beautiful singing, but the cat wandering through silently and then the meow from off-screen towards the end do make the performance, I feel. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. I just noticed this post is called "Countdown", but you don't tell us when you actually leave for college. Did I miss that detail in an earlier post?


  5. No, you didn't miss it...I forgot to mention it due to...forgetfulness, I think. I leave Saturday morning. :)

    And the cat does steal the show! I'm so jealous of his stage presence. :///

    @Bethany: Dramatic readings of Julius Caesar? I call dibs on Marc Antony's speech!

  6. Saturday morning??? Asdfghjkl. Baiwee is gonna be a cowwege kid. ._.

    Loved the video. Y'all sound amazing. :]


  7. Yeah for you! You will continue to visit us in internet land on occasion even in spite of your hectic schedule, right? I don't know if I could stand not having 'Big House' posts every so often!

    Blessings to you as you embark on this exciting next phase in your life. Can't wait to hear all about your adventures. Praying your adjustment is smooth, and many new friends will await!

    And yuck- having to look presentable every day!? I'm pretty sure that's not possible for me.... My dad has all these hilarious college stories, like moving a mattress from the 4th floor to a pick up truck via window, pranks involving snow and trashcans... And there are some that he won't even tell us about. He just gets this mischievous glint in his eye and cackles to himself. It's very annoying.

    You and your sisters sang beautifully! What a wonderful song, I know a friend of mine who should sing it for church, do you know where I could find music/who wrote it?

  8. It's late I know, but just wanted to post this in the rare chance you should see it before you head out tomorrow, I'm praying for you! :) Hope the ride out is delightful, and that you will make many new friends at college! Blessings and prayers, girl!

  9. Good job to the Garage Girls! That was really beautiful. The harmony was great and the volume was real nice too. Continue the good work! (At least, maybe three of you can.)


    P.S. I hope your first week of Collage goes super, Bailey.

  10. Congratulations! I can only imagine all that God has planned for you in this next season of life. :)

  11. Have fun in college Bailey!

    "Keep your eyes on Jesus, focus on His love..." Statler Brothers


  12. Oh, we'll miss you, Bailey! No, wait a minute. We shouldn't have to miss you, right? ;)

    That was a wonderful song, by the way. And the Garage Girls did such a great job! I'm very impressed with your harmonizing ability. :)
    See you later, Bailey. <><

  13. Thanks for your post on YLCF... it directed me here, and I really like your blog and your voice. Blessings in college!

  14. So beautiful, Bailey! Can I share this on my blog? Pretty please?
    -Mrs. Neil


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