When Life Gets You Down

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A Crazy Homeschooler Moment

I was sitting on the side of a Colorado highway running through the middle of nowhere. Our tire was flat and the tools stowed on board useless to change the situation. We were stuck. We called roadside assistance, but help was an hour away, and it was hot. HOT. Jeans-glued-to-your-thighs hot. Air-conditioning-bah-humbug hot.

My family has a running streak of good things coming our way (until Bethany starts a electronic breakdown snowball effect, but that's another story). It's partly because my dad reserves the hotel room months in advance and has the quarters stacked with quarters and dimes stacked with dimes for the toll fees. It's partly because my mom packs breakfast and lunch for the travel days and puts a change of clothes, pajamas and underwear in individual plastic bags for individual persons for motel stays. There are no loopholes in Bergmann travel plans. When the GPS gets revved up and eleven persons cram into the twelve-passenger van, we know exactly where we're going, exactly on time -- no excuses, shenanigans or hang-ups. Certainly no side trips to the Spam museum. The children's patience doesn't last that long.

I like my punctual, planned family. The only problem is, as I mentioned, good things come our way. The only Bergmann vacation mix-up involves toothbrushes stranded at home. And occasionally pajamas. We never had children throwing up in the backseat or breakdowns or blowouts, of all things.

You will understand that some tempers, unused to Colorado heat and flat tires, were a bit, shall we say, strained.

The only readily available activity was hunting for prairie dogs in the wayside ditch, hiking to the body of water a couple miles away or learning how to climb over barbed wire fences. Actually, the only real available activity was frying in the van. We Bergmann girls didn't like that. Due to a stellar Sunday school lesson on how worry strips God of His sovereignty (taught by yours truly), we were of the mindset that blown tires were a providential opportunity to experience something Bergmanns usually never do: traveling woes.

So we sisters did what all (in)sane people do: we danced the Macarena on the side of the highway. Got a lot of weird looks and honks. Apparently it's not every day that people dance on the side of the highway?

What are your crazy travel moments?

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  1. :) We don't have many travel woes, either. Wish I could have been there. :)

  2. I actually would prefer four tires blown out than going up Trail Ridge again. ;) But dancing on the side of the road was the best memory ever!

    Frying in the van...not so.

  3. Hey! I'm a newbie dropping by after seeing your guest post on www.godlygirlz.blogspot.com
    This one post made me laugh. :) You are a great writer, and I look forward to seeing more of your blog. :)

  4. Hey Bailey!

    First of all, whoa. I would have loved to have been there to see y'all dancing by the side of the road. Seriously.

    Secondly, we don't usually have any travel mishaps either (mostly because my mom is a simply stellar travel planner), but I do remember one night about eight or ten years ago when we were driving in circles around four little towns in Kentucky trying to find a motel or hotel to sleep in for the night ... Dad and Mom were trying to figure out a map in the pitch dark while we children were half-asleep and chattering strangely about Mary and Joseph looking for the inn in Bethlehem. It was odd. :-)

    And thirdly, if it's okay with you, I'm going to write a blog post about some of the good and bad things that have happened to me in college and I'll send you the link ... I have some other blog friends who are preparing to go off to college too, and that way I can offer my sagely wisdom to all of you at the same time. *cheesy grin* Seriously, though, I do hope it will be helpful. I'll make sure to include some of the worst things as well as some of the best things, so it's more accurate. :-)

    Wow, longest comment ever ... have a great day, my friend! I'll have the post up soon! :-D


  5. We don't travel much, so I can't relate. ;]


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