Bergmann-English Dictionary 2012

4:30 AM

Stranded at the Bergmann home? Unable to figure out what they're saying? This dictionary is for you! Stick it in your purse, pack it in your suitcase, carry it in your pocket. Armed with over twenty words and phrases in the Bergmann language, you're sure to be communicating in no time!

Batmobile || n. Chase's black Charger

Be specific, Bob || (quote from The Incredibles) used chiefly when someone says something idiotic and/or unclear

Bill || n. nickname for Badger

Blathroom || n., Caroline dialect bathroom

Bob || nickname for Bailey, Bethany or both collectively; short for bobo, Spanish word for fool

Catsup? || slang for What's up?

Cheesecake || an exclamation used in phrases such as "Oh, my cheesecake!"

Cook || n. cookie

Coo Whip || n. taunt exclusively for Bailey due to her inability to pronounce the L in "cool"; synonym for cool whip

Cut the carrot || meaning unknown; used among brothers to annoy brothers

Doofus, Doofina || n. dim-witted child

Dupe || from Dupester Dumpster nickname for Christian

El Agua Melon || n. watermelon

Fish Bump || n. fist bump, with the added sound effect of bloop

Flop ||  from Floofisquirrel, Floppysquawp, Floppy nickname for Bethany

French Toast || adj. creamed; used in phrases such as "We are going to be French toast!"

Funny Monkey || n. cyclops or sibling

Mashi Mashi Moo Moo || meaning unknown; used as annoyance

My shell phone's not working properly || used to connote technological problems

Piece-a-slice-a-chunk-a-cheese || n. a chunk of cheese (note: proper pronunciation involves sounding like a gulping frog)

Pook, Pooky || n. nickname for Caroline when she needs subduing

Rascals || n. exclamation of happy regret, much like rats!

Redonkulous || adj. ridiculous, stolen from a favorite camper

Rut Beer || n. root beer (in perfect Northern accent)

Sarah Bergy || n. a crazy town

Shell Phone || n. cell phone (see My shell phone's not working properly)

Why so serious? || (quote from The Dark Knight) used chiefly by big brothers to annoy younger siblings (note: proper response to said quote is to squeal and/or launch into a discussion of the Joker)

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11 impressions

  1. Awesome ... I've heard that highly intelligent people often develop their own "code languages" like this - y'all must be geniuses! ;-)

    Hey, BTW, I've written a post for you about college over at my blog ... I tried to come up with all of the helpful tips and advice that I could think of from my own experiences, so hopefully it's something that might be possibly helpful. :-) Feel free to pester me if there's anything else you need to know!


  2. Funny. I think "Oh, my cheesecake!" is the best.

  3. Thank you for the capital lesson. I shall be sure to apply this new knowledge if ever around Bergmanns.

  4. Hahahahahaha..... Love this! Isn't it crazy how many different words and phrases families have? So much fun!

    Potato chips|| adj. Was first used as an expression after matriarch of the house banned the rodent based 'Aw, rats!' since the small creature in question happened to be among her least favorite creatures. ie. "Aw, potato chips."

    Crazy-head|| n. The worst insult my 9 year old self could come up with. This phrase has not been passed on to the next generation.

    Would love to hear others! :)

  5. First observation: Batman frequents our house regularly

    Second observation: we like our food

    Third observation: redonkulous

  6. Quite obviously, I was much intrigued by the vast and wondrous language gap when I visited. ;D But I learned by immersion. I've heard that it can be the best way to learn new languages after all.

    Oh gosh, that reminded me: "warshing the torlet in the blathroom"... and our short conversations in ridiculously fake Korean. LOL!!!

    Truly, the Bergmann family is endeared in my heart, and such fond memories will follow me forever. Haha. <3 <3 <3

  7. The torlet! Fake Korean! Ah, sweet memories.....

    @Savannah: I love the "insults" little kids come up with. I've stumbled upon many a verbal spat between younger siblings only to stumble away howling because of the redonkulous, dead serious insults.

  8. These made me smile so much. :) My family has a few quirky little things, too. I've been calling my parents Mar and Par lately because that's how Laura says it in BBC's Lark Rise to Candleford (which I recently got my parents addicted to). At one point I called my dad Father Jedi, though I can't remember the story with that one (none of us were ever Star Wars fans). We use the term "goober" a lot and phrases like "You're my hero" (a very overboard and slightly sarcastic way of saying thanks).

    The comments about kid insults definitely cracked me up. I can't believe I'm admitting this, but as a kid I called my brother "shrimp egg." Presumably because a shrimp egg was even lower than a shrimp. The other day the two children I keep were in a spat because the brother told the sister her clip-on earrings didn't make her look that pretty anyway. She said, "I am pretty!" And he responded, "No you're not. You look like a weasel." I felt like a horrible babysitter, but I had to turn my head and attempt to control my laughter before comforting the instant burst of tears that followed from the little girl. Neither one of them has any idea of what a weasel is, I'm sure, but I guess it just sounded insulting (and the tone is was spoken in didn't help things).


  9. Loved your comment, Kristin!

    Bethany remembered another Bergmannishm: holy guacamole. We say "harlelujah" instead of "hallelujah" too.

  10. Allison and I have started implementing the fish bump into our sisterly interactions. ;)


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