Life with a Little Sister

7:44 AM

7:03 AM || Meet in the bathroom -- "Good morning, Caroline" "Hi" "Did you sleep well?" "Yep" "See you in a bit" (patters off downstairs)

7:57 AM || Dress baby doll midway during devotions (if you're lucky, the shoes actually fit)

8:06 AM || Get official good morning hugs and discuss what she had for breakfast

8:07 AM || Start morning dialogue:

(Version A) Caroline: "Will you jump on the big trampoline with me?"

Me: "I've got to eat breakfast."

Caroline: "After you're done eating breakfast?"

Me: "Do I have to?"

Caroline (face falling): "Please?"

You know the end result.

(Version B) Caroline: "Will you read me a story?"

Me: "I've got to eat breakfast."

Caroline: "After you're done eating breakfast?"

Me: "Sorry, Caroline, I'm really busy today."

Caroline: "But I want you to read me a story."

Me: "But I don't want to."

10:04 AM || Receive affection -- normally hug around on the knees

11:23 AM || Receive more affection:

Caroline: "I love you so much"

Me: "I love you so mucher."

Caroline (thinking): "Me too."

12:32 PM || Read newspaper and On Wisconsin alumni magazine with Caroline in lap

Me: "Would you stop bumping my chin with your head?"

Caroline (twisting around): "I love you so much."

Me: "I love you so much too. Ow -- Caroline -- ouch -- your arm is where I'm reading."

Caroline: "I love you so much."

Me: "I love you so much too."

Caroline kisses my arm. She kisses my arm. She kisses my arm. She kisses my arm again.

Me: "Why are you kissing my arm?"

Caroline giggles. I kiss her head. She kisses my arm. She bonks my chin.

Me: "It's lunch time. Go see if Mom's going to make your plate."

12:46 PM || Start lunch conversation after Caroline has dragged a chair next to mine

Caroline (eating scrambled eggs): "Do you like scrambled eggs?"

Me: "I do like scrambled eggs."

Caroline: "Do you like fried eggs?"

Me: "Yes, I do."

Caroline: "I don't like scrambled eggs." A pause. "Do you like [mumble mumble]?"

Me: "What?"

Caroline: "Do you like rolls?"

Me: "Yes, I like rolls."

Caroline: "After when you're done eating, will you play Candyland with me?"

Me: "Sure."

Caroline grins.

Daniel (conversing with Sarah): "And there was a dead fish head!"

Sarah: "Eww! I'm eating!"

Caroline (scattering Candyland cards at my feet): "A fox was eating a dead aminal."

Me: "Oh, Caroline, yuck, I'm eating right now. Don't talk about that until I'm done eating."

1:00 PM || Get up to refill plate

Caroline: "Are you done eating now?"

Me: "Yep."

Caroline: "A fox was eating a dead aminal."

1:11 PM || Play Candyland

1:35 PM || Inform Mom on my imminent departure to Walmart

Caroline: "Where are you going?"

Me: "I've got to go to Walmart."

Caroline: "Why?"

Me: "To get a present for Lindsey."

Caroline: "Why -- why do you have to get a present for Lindsey?"

Me: "It's her birthday today."

Caroline: "Can I come?"

Mom: "Can you stop by the post office?"

Me: "Sure."

Caroline: "Can I come?"

Me: "You have to hold the package."

Caroline (whining): "Why?"

Me: "You've got to make yourself useful."

1:42 PM || Charm the ladies on the sidewalk and in the post office

1:46 PM || Get an orange lollipop at the bank because Caroline is so cute

1:55 PM || Use little sister as a handy present carrier in Walmart

2:16 PM || Buy rainbow Goldfish for said handy present carrier

4:27 PM || Start afternoon conversation

Caroline: "Will you jump on the big trampoline with me?"

4:28 PM || Sit for seventeen minutes on the trampoline enduring Caroline's bossy screams


5:30 PM || Negotiate who has rights to sit in the red kitchen chair per International Toddler Law

6:03 PM || Stand corrected for addressing Caroline as a "girl" and not a "todd-e-ler"

6:05 PM || Receive affection: "I love you so much"

7:32 PM || Cuddle time!

7:56 PM || Start evening conversation

Caroline: "Will you read me a story?"

8:06 PM || Receive pre-bedtime hugs and kisses

Caroline: "I love you so much."

Me: "I love you so mucher."

Caroline: "Me too."

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8 impressions

  1. Aw, I love Miss Caroline! Such a cutie!

  2. Ah, life with little kids... :D

  3. Hahah! Awww! Caroline is SO adorable/cute/sweet/gorgeous/little/hilarious/insert-adjective-here. :]

    Enjoyed the dialogue sample - sounds a lot like me and Madilynn. :P

  4. You seriously made me laugh. Caroline on paper. I think right now she's doing ballet. ;)

  5. Sounds exactly like my little brother. Little children can sometimes be pestering, but really, it's worth everything in the end.

  6. Kids are so funny. :)


  7. Awwww! So sweet! I read the post before I saw her sweet face and watched the video. She almost matched my imagination... She is so much cuter in real life though.


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