Things Not Worth Complaining About

2:14 AM

The stomach passes.

Screaming toddlers....they always revert back to cuteness.

Crazy days....why bother when there are so many happy ones?

Somebody eating all my favorite forces me to eat healthy. (Dry toast.)

Waiting....everything eventually happens.

Boredom....find something to do.

Overwhelmingment....things get done one step at a time.

My stupidity....I can try to improve. (Right?)

People....since when did I become perfect?

Anything, really....for I am confident that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing to the glory that is to be revealed to us...even when there are no honey nut clusters for breakfast.

Eternity focused = thankful = peace.

(Sorry for the brevity -- some of you feel cheated, I know. A friend flew in for my graduation and we both got sick with the stomach flu. Didn't think many profound thoughts this week, you understand.)

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  1. No Honey Nut Clusters! Are you *sure* that doesn't compare to . . . no, no you're right.

    I'm sorry you got sick when your friend was visiting and I'm glad you're feeling better. :-)


  2. Great thoughts, and so true... we who have the eternal inheritance of Christ to look forward to, we who serve a risen and triumphant and conquering King- who are we to get so bunged over such little things? How could we help but overflow with joy?

    And yet I do it all the time...

  3. I remember doing that on the vents at church. ;)

  4. Haha, hit me right on the nose why don't ya?
    I just got stomach flu on Sunday, and I clicked on this post to see 'things not worth complaining about: Stomach flu...' and I was thinking "Wait a second, I didn't complain that much... I think." But then I saw your little thingy on the bottom and was really relieved :)

    ...what stupidity?

    God bless! I hope that you get over that flu quickly!

  5. When "down", I can see the opportunity for the Lord to deal in my life.

    Maybe God will encourage, maybe He'll say there's room for improvement. Either way, the situation can be a time for Him to work in my life.

    I believe He's doing that today and also that, quite possibly, He used your post to get me thinkin'.

    Hope you feel better soon. *hug*

  6. I used to always do that on the vent at the ATI conferences we would go to! It was so much fun, until I got too old, and my dad didn't let me do it anymore. :( haha ;)

  7. Flu IS worth complaining about!


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