Take That, Lazy!*

3:00 AM

I jammed my right ring finger playing basketball. That was eleven years ago. The swelling never went down -- just my luck, I thought; but when I grew older and wiser, I realized that years of pencils rubbing up against it caused that permanent red lumpness. It will never go away as long as I write.

Which means never.

One bloody fingernail, three hours and over thirty thank you notes later, it is bruised and inked blue. More astounding than finding enough variations of Thank you sooo much! for all my well-wishers without sounding patronizing or insincere is that I actually stuck by my initial goal -- writing them all in one sitting. With no breaks. Before you call CPS on my self-discipline, let me explain a simple, embarrassing truth:

I procrastinate. Badly. If you give me an inch I take a light year. I don't multitask very well and I pretend I do, so if I'm not chained to my desk, nothing gets accomplished. Well, that's not entirely true -- many things get accomplished, like dawdling around the cyber world and random texting and ignoring the desk atrocity downstairs. The thing is that I've convinced myself that I'm a very responsible person and that I deserve a few well-earned hours doing nothing after I have spent myself doing...nothing.

Forgive me for seeming psychic, but I saw one too many midnights drowned in regret as I hammered out last minute papers: Why, why, why did I check Facebook today? If my immediate short-term health and happiness was of no consequence, my fast-coming college days could not afford late nights and little colds and procrastinated homework. I could get away with it with only a couple high school subjects, on my own schedule, with no classes and extracurricular pressures. I couldn't there.

Something had to be done.

As part of being intentional, I've identified timestealers -- areas of laziness and procrastination. (How exciting, I know, but it's just as necessary as it is boring.) The biggest ones for me are THE INTERNET, THE PHONE and SLEEPING IN. Books used to be in that category, but technology has since forced that onto my to-do list as well.

So here's my summer challenge: Bite the bullet and be responsible. Deposit checks on time. Clean up my desk when I get up and not five years later. Fill out paperwork and mail things off as soon as I can. Listen to my the advice my parents have given since I was five and do chores first. Sit down and finish projects right then. Ignore the inner whiner. Chain myself to my desk if I have to. Bleed my fingers raw. Whatever it takes.

See, I've got a ton of big projects this summer -- I'm excited to share them with you but can't just yet. I can tell you this: their success is worth so much more than a couple mindless hours surfing the web and bumming around.

Now if you'll excuse me...I've got some responsibilities to attend to.

*This post inspired by Thriving at College by Alex Chediak. Triple like. Read it if you can.

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  1. yea Bailey i thick thats what i going to have to do for school

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    This post fits right in with the conversation that's been going on my head for the past few weeks. Why do your posts almost always fit in with the conversations in my head? That's kind of creepy, but way cool.

  3. I'm a procrastinator, too. :) I become an expert at putting things off in my two years at the community college, and now that it's been a year since I graduated (what??), I'm still trying to improve at time management. The internet is my biggest time waster. Lately I've been making daily to-do lists, because checking things off (even tiny tasks) motivates me in some strange way. :)


  4. Early nights? College? They should not belong in the same sentence unless there is a negative--no early nights at college. ; )

    One more thing: my brother, who is frequently at the head of his college classes, says the recipe for doing well is reading the textbook as you go throught the class. Most students don't read it along the way, then cram for finals. If you read along the way, you'll do well.

  5. Right on, Bailey! I normally get things done on time, but with summer rolling around, I've been feeling lazy. Posts like this perk you up a little bit. ;)

  6. Ugh. Why do you have to poke at me so bad? ;] I've realized I'm a procrasinator in that when something that's fun and exciting needs to get done, I'm doing it immediately. But when it's the exact opposite? Umm. Let's just say my laundry hamper is over-flowing right now. LOL! My problem is that I realize my problems, realize my time-stealers, but I just don't do anything about them. (Exact same as yours. Hahah!) Guess I should get on the ball?

    Wait...you have a Facebook?

  7. Nope, no Facebook. Not yet. Stay tuned for July 28, though.... :)

  8. Sigh.... why do you have to be so right?!?! I have a lazy streak half a mile wide in me, and it's a booger bear to beat. Part that doesn't help me either is the fat that I have absolutely NO sense of time- it could take me 10 minutes or 2 hours and it feels the same to me.

  9. Wow, thank you for this post. I need to improve myself in the very same way. Let's do this! :)


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