Happy (Homeschool) Mothers' Day!

2:00 AM

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3 impressions

  1. First of all, you're too cute. :) Secondly, I wanted to make mention that your new blog design looks fantastic. I absolutely love it, Bailey! I have been reading posts via email, thus, haven't seen the pretty newness until I had videos that I couldn't see in my inbox! Love it! :D Cassandra @ The Unplugged Family

  2. What a sweet video in honor of your mom!

  3. Oh, Bailey! Thank you so much for your sweet words--they mean more to me than you'll ever know. Being your mother has been a huge privilege and blessing in my life. Indeed being a mother at all has been a huge privilege and blessing in my life. It has been wrought with (as you said) many prayers, some tears, and much labor--but it has been a labor of love and a labor that God has used in my life to bring much joy, purpose,and challenge to be a better person and woman of God. I have been humbled on more than one occasion to fall before God and beg for His grace and wisdom when the responsibility of motherhood seemed so much larger than I could handle. I am thankful for God's grace and intervention that superceded my own human weaknesses and inabilities. I'm thankful for how God has worked in your life and made you to be the young lady I see today. There is so much more I could say, but I don't think I can find the right words to express how blessed beyond measure I am. I love you. And thank you so much for taking the time to express your thoughts towards me. It gives me great encouragement to continue on this mothering and homeschooling journey!


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