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  1. I think pranks are fun and acceptable, as long as the actual prank isn't dangerous, require way too much cleanup (like the snow-filled shower), or something that would offend the one getting pranked. I prank my brothers every April Fool's Day, and the usually love it. One year I made red Jell-O that they thought was fruit punch, until they tried to use their straws. Another year I froze their toothbrushes overnight. This year I switched the salt and pepper in our ceramic shakers and replaced the toothpaste in the tube with water.

    Pranks like that - or the snowmen - are fun, but pranks like the snow-filled shower and mean and overboard. I know a prank is crossing the line if the one being pranked won't think it's funny.

  2. Why couldn't he just turn the hot water on and let the snow melt down the drain? It probably would have taken about the same amount of time as shovelful by ;)

    as for your questions, they are ones I have been considering a lot lately, as I have grown rather weary of the superficiality that we have with most of our friends. It's barrels of fun to play games, watch comedy movies, and do Mad Libs till midnight, but how really productive is all of that? Are we learning anything? Are we getting anything done? Are we helping anybody?
    I think that today's majority of teenagers, Christian, home-schooled or not, are obsessed with fun. Around me, dozens of girls who claim to love the Lord are possessed with nothing but the next home school event, the next pizza and game night, the next time they can see all the cute home school guys and play musical chairs with them. I am so sick of seeing these people do nothing but enjoy themselves, I must seem like a tight-lipped grandma with a "No Fun Allowed" pin on her shirt. But really, why do these things when personally, there is unspeakable joy tucked into Gods word, joy that does not fade, joy that you does not have to wait for the next planned event to get it. I love to laugh a silly pranks, and do a ridiculous thing on a whim, just for a chuckle, but I think it all boils down to this:
    Enjoy fun, but don't be obsessed with it.

  3. First of all, such a cute little video. I just love Bailey. :P

    Okay. So my opinion?

    Pranks. I personally don't have a problem with pranks in general - I've had a few pulled on me that were truly funny, and pulled a few on others that were truly funny. I think pranks cross the line when the effects of the prank have a lasting negative impact or whenever it is embarassing and destructive to the person being pranked. All if fun and games until someone gets hurt, whether physically or emotionally.

    When does a joke/prank cross the line from funny and cute to immature and annoying? I'm not sure. I think that varies depending on each person. What I might find funny, another might find highly annoying. I think whenever anybody pulls a prank or joke, they need to think of the person. For instance, because I know my oldest younger brother well, and know how he is, I would never pull certain pranks on him.

    While the first instance (are pranks okay?) has a clear and distinct line, I think the second instance (where does a prank/joke cross the line and become obnoxious?) has more of a vague and varying line, depending on each person.

  4. Jillian, he explained that from previous experience (*cough*), he knew that turning the hot water on would not melt the snowman in under two hours. ;)

    I'm with you -- the No Fun Police. I love a good laugh or a silly YouTube video or being goofy with my younger siblings just because we can. But isn't there a way to have fun without being immature? Play a game? Laugh a lot? Tell funny stories that DON'T involve epic stupidity?

    Maybe I'm just boring...but I'd rather figure out a creative way to bless someone instead of prank him. Yeah. I'm weird.

    (But to be honest...I don't think I've passed up a chance to be silly in a looong time, so maybe I can't claim such pious innocence.)

  5. I knew I would be in the minority, but I don't like pranks. I am always told that I have no sense of humor and that some pranks are just silly and fun, but in my opinion, the whole point of any prank is to cause another person humilation or pain or at least inconvenience. Maybe only a tiny amount, but still, if it doesn't do one of those things it's not really a prank, is it? And I cannot support intentionally getting fun out of someone else's suffering no matter how minor and fleeting that suffering is. As a result we do not really acknowledge April Fool's Day in my family and we do not prank each other on that day or any other time of the year either. Gentle teasing that is not mean-spirited is fine I think.

    As far as being silly and finding things to laugh at in other ways, I think that is more than OK - it's desirable! For Christians and non-Christians alike. We all need to find ways to laugh. I think if most of the time we are laughing at life and ourselves more than at someone else, then we will know we are incorporating humor into our lives in a good and positive way.


  6. Haha, the snowman prank sounded kind of funny. The snow-filled shower was a bit over the top, though. To me, that's the thing about pranks. Someone plays a prank, and then the pranked person feels the need to retaliate. Of course, the prank they play is a little worse than the first one, so the original person needs to return the favor, and so on until somebody gets exhausted! I'm sure that doesn't happen all the time, but that's one of the reasons I hesitate to play practical jokes. I don't like the retaliation. ;-)

    (Begin rant). Personally, I don't like playing pranks, partly because I don't want to have any played on me, and partly because I don't really understand them. I've read about a prank where people wrap up everything in someone's office in tin foil. That's sort of funny, but on the other hand, think of all the wasted time!!! FIrst, somebody spent a bunch of money on tin foil. Then, they spent forever wrapping everything in the foil. Think of all the PRODUCTIVE things they could have been doing with that time! FINALLY, somebody has to REMOVE all that tin foil! Whew!

    So in my opinion, that may be a little funny, but it involves a lot of wasted time and money. There are so many productive things that time could have gone towards! Still, I don't really judge pranksters. As long as it isn't my money or time that's being wasted, I guess they can spend their own time and money however they want to, and it's amusing to read about. As for the line between funny pranks and juvenile ones, I don't have enough experience with pranks to know where that is.

    (End rant. ;-)

    By the way, congratulations on graduating! Yay! (Actually, I couldn't quite tell if you graduated this past weekend or if you'll be graduating this coming weekend. Congrats either way! =)

  7. I'm wondering if the line between immaturity and innocent fun isn't just *what* one does but *who* one is. There are some crazy awesome people I know who have a hilarious sense of humor but never come across as immature, just because of who they are and where their focus is. They know there's a time to be serious and a time for fun and games. That's a healthy balance, I think.

    And a weird way, it could be some people's expression of friendship toward some people. Some people speak the language of pranks, and to them that's their "fun high." Now, if somebody put a snowman in MY shower or TPed MY front yard or wrapped MY office in tin foil, I wouldn't be laughing. But some people honestly love it. Which is weird. And I pity them. But I don't judge. It's their showers and snowmen, after all. ;)

    (And Julia, thank you! I graduate this Thursday. Excited!)

  8. I agree that it really depends on the person...some people I know wouldn't mind so much a booby-trapped box full of packing peanuts fall on his/her head, while my mother wouldn't...ah, appreciate it so much.
    Thus, I would say that if you know the person well enough to prank him/her, you probably know how far you should (or shouldn't) go.

  9. I think don't neccesarily have to pull pranks to have fun. I know this one guy from our old 4-H group that can just leave you grinning from the way he says hello. He tends to put a fresh spin on everything, and he can be ridiculously funny, without ever pranking or even teasing anyone. So he is just a lot of fun to be around, because he can have fun and make you have fun, just by being who he is, he isn't hurting, or even "messing with" anyone.
    Sort of related, funny "stunts", I am told can be annoying, and obnoxious. I have too much of a tendency to try and pull stuff like that. Party tricks, (like the disattached thumb) can be funny once, but a whole string of them, or frequent use, is distracting andd irritating.
    Bigger deals often morph from being entertaining, to showing off, to people getting hurt. For example, jumping off a cliff...Not so game-like anymore, it sounds more like a bad prank, when you jump with jeans on, and the person that follows you is wearing shorts, and get scraped up worse..:/ That is where the line of fun and games gets crossed over to immature and unacceptable. Not neccesarily the fault of the person's intentions, but I've learned that you have to think.
    But just being who you are can draw people to you in amazing ways. The kid I talked about at the top, is just nice and outgoing, and he doesn't think about what people think of him. It makes people think he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Being able to make people smile just by greeting them-that's a gift.

    Sorry, I rambled, I hope some of that makes sense!


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