Friendship Manifesto

11:10 PM

If you say something, I'll hear what you say and not what I think you say.

If you tell me you like me, I'll believe you.

If you seem to enjoy my company, I'll enjoy yours too instead of fearing it'll end.

If you set boundaries, I won't cross them.

If you open up, I'll come in.

If you hurt me, I won't let it end my world.

If I hurt you, I'll ask forgiveness no matter how much it costs.

If you move on, I'll let you go.

Even though I love you to death, I won't place my worth in you.

I'll think more of what we have instead of what we had or what we might lose.

I'll give you space while holding you close. 

I can't promise to be here forever. I can't promise I won't change. But I promise to love you the best I can as long as we have each other. 

I promise to love you...not who I want you to be. 

And since it takes two -- will you do the same?

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  1. And if you feel lonely - I'll still be there when everyone else seems to desert you. ;)

  2. Yes! You can always count on me, Jack, and tu psicólogo. Oh and I didn't tell you, my great-grandmother, the one we were praying for in church, passed away on Tuesday. Please keep the family in your prayers.

  3. Yes, Bailey...I will do the same. I could never stop loving or caring for you. And I know that sometimes in our lives we will move on...and we will change. But that doesn't ever mean I'll stop loving you. Never.

  4. Did you write this? If so, it's beautiful. [:

  5. That is beautiful ... so beautiful. If it weren't creepy, I'd write it on my forehead in Sharpie.

    Okay, so that was weird.

    Still. Amazing words, Lee.

  6. Yes, Alexxus, I wrote this...because I overthink things and have a hard time trusting people. ;o)

    Thanks for all the sweet comments, guys.

  7. I don't believe it. After a day of feeling completely shunned by our fellow "Christians", and left behind by "friends", you brought me to tears.You have absolutely NO idea of the hurt me and my family have just been through...because we stuck to Gods word, and were told we were legalistic and proud for not changing. The Christians around us are quickly comprising. It feels like Satan is winning a battle where I live...You helped to remember that Satan may win a battle, but God will win the war.
    I have been utterly and completely discouraged about many things today. I cried out to God for help. He's there. Never stop posting...It's nice to know somebody still cares.

  8. Ah. Join the club. ;)

  9. Oh, Bailey! This is beautiful! It's just beautiful. :)

    >>----> come stop for tea @

  10. Oh, wow, wow wow. I don't cry, and this made me wanna. It's beautiful....


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