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4:13 PM

Sorry for the unexpected blog hiatus. I spent this week focusing on Jesus, doing some soul-searching, soaking in Scripture. Let me tell you -- this radical sold-out-for-Jesus thing? It's not easy. He uncovered some sins and hurts in my heart that I had shoved down deep. This week was a mix of ups and downs emotionally, learning and regrouping and following hard after God. Oh, and failing. And finding the grace to keep running this race.

Number one thing I learned? The Obsession is a discipline. It's not a circumstance or a spiritual high. It's a discipline. Sometimes I'm distracted. Sometimes the emotions resist. Sometimes I don't want to pray Thy will be done. But because it's a discipline, I can still have the Obsession even if my week is crummy or I'm scatter brained or I mess up the world. It's a fixed gaze on Jesus, the Obsession is, and it takes training, time and trouble to set that fixed gaze. More on that this week, hopefully -- I'm working on some thoughts on how to "get over the hump," so to speak.

In other news...

1. I finished high school. At least in my opinion. My mom says I haven't, since I'm still teaching preschool and doing community service and tracking physical education and other humdrum stuff. But I say that the second I slammed the horrid consumer math book shut for the last time, I finished high school. Forever. Now I have nothing to do.

2. I read the New Testament in two and a half days. I don't have the patience to read the whole Bible in a year, so I decided to cram half of it into two days. It was a truly amazing experience -- how the Lord gave me a hunger for His Word (even though I fell asleep a couple of times thanks to a fuzzy blanket and overactive heater) -- how the Spirit pierced straight through my soul -- how everything connects -- and how wrong I've gotten the Christian walk. The evangelical-constructed Jesus and the evangelical-concocted Christianity is very, very different from the Jesus and the Christianity of the Bible. I have some readjusting to do.

3. I've been going to bed really late and getting up really early, thanks to my hyper-speed Bible reading plan. You may be thinking, "And so?" but friends, hear me -- that getting-up-early part is monumental for me. I don't technically wake up until 6:45 PM as it is, and wake up time on a good day is 9 AM. So now you know the good news. Celebrate! Go petition for a national holiday or something!

4. The cure for beating the cleaning blahs? Do it in your pajamas. My Thursday morning passed pleasantly as I dusted, vacuumed and scrubbed toilets in my cupcake pajama pants and Hillsdale College sweatshirt. For some reason, nighttime attire gives off energy surges.

5. After fitting my entire arm through the rip in my Scottie dog pillowcase, I decided to move on. RIP, pillowcase. (Note to Walmart: You need to update your taste in pillowcases.)

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  1. I was beginning to wonder where Bailey had gone! :P

    The entire NT in two and a half days? Wow. I applaud you- my New Year's resolution was to read through the whole NT in one year. I'm only in Luke right now. You just made me look like a crummy reader. ;)

    I'm sorry about your Scottie dog pillow. RIP. [:


  2. Wow. It's so funny that I seem to be having the same experience. Similar at least.

    I was reading Ephesians 2:1-10 about a week and a half ago. It's one of those verses that really has something new every time you read it. It made me realize how dead I am with out Him. I was on my knees. Tears streaming down my face and out of my heart.

    But I also keep discovering that following Christ takes discipline. I fail without His grace. I keep realizing that love is not just a noun it's a verb. Love is a decision.

    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Congratulations on finishing High school! That's great!

    I hope all goes well with your journey.

    Many blessings,

  3. Wow. You made me feel really contemplative and then ridiculous in a matter of minutes. You sound like me. ;)

    I was on an emotional roller coaster
    not too long ago. I still am. I know how it feels. Your on fire for Jesus one day, and struggling to keep up the christian walk the next. What a battle life is!


    P.S I spent Saturday cleaning the family van, moping the floors, etc, in my pajamas. I didn't shower and put on real clothes till afternoon. Energy surges is so right. It was fun.;)

  4. I need to finish high school so I can read the whole NT in two days . . . eh, I still have awhile to go. But congrats to you!

    And I agree about the obsession thing. It's hard. It's not like some big moment where you know everything and you're on fire. It's a journey.

  5. congrats on finishing highschool! Another milestone more real life begins! :) That is so neat to hear about what God is doing in your life...Keep pressing onward and look forward to seeing what God does in your life (oh and thanks about the tip on cleaning in your pj's...for some reason I'm not so sure I would be quite so inspired but maybe I need to try it for the energy's sake! :))

  6. Bailey, you're boring posts aren't boring at all! :-)

  7. Huge, huge congratulations on finishing high school! Now you just have to figure out what to do with yourself. ;)

  8. P.S. I'm sorry your pillowcase RIPped. I actually had a fitted sheet rip a few days ago, and it's a braided rope now.


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