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6:03 AM

Yes. I am that ditzy all the time.

I'm stunned. It only takes a split second -- a few words -- one person -- a letter -- and the world turns upside down. Literally.

I am so overwhelmed by the grace of God right now. I wish I could put into words everything He's done from me from the day I got a Hillsdale flyer, to my first-ever college visit, to tearing open the acceptance letter envelope on Thursday.

It didn't seem possible that I would make it to the National Merit semifinals. I'm a finalist.

It didn't seem possible that homeschoolers could get local scholarships. The scholarship board amended its policy this year and I'm one of the first to receive a homeschool Dollars for Scholars award.

It didn't seem possible that I could have half of my tuition paid for all eight semesters. It is.

For a second there, I wondered if it was even possible that I would be accepted into my dream college. I am.

I have never done anything as crazy as this in my life -- stepping outside the box, dreaming a dream, following God's lead alone. But I'm doing it. I'm living this faith out. It shouldn't boggle my mind that the Lord provides for His will -- financially and otherwise -- but I fall to my knees every time I think of it.

It may seem nothing to the general public that I'm going to college like almost every other high school graduate. But for me, this is so much bigger than college -- this is about walking by faith, not by sight. I'd appreciate your prayers so much as I look into more financial aid and try not to frighten people off with my uber-enthusiasm.

And before I start rambling on nonstop, I didn't actually think you'd fall for my pitiful little joke. Excitement does that to me.

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  1. Congrats! :) I'm so happy for you.


  2. AHHHH! Bailey! I'm soooo happy for you. Congratulations!!! *hug* I will be praying that God blesses you on this, your chosen path.

    Haha, gosh, you're so cute. You got me almost as excited as you were. Love you. <3

    p.s. I totally almost fell for your joke... almost being the operative word. ;P

  3. Bailey,

    I haven't watched the video yet, but I wanted to say


    I'm so excited for you!!! Isn't it one of the best things ever, being directed by God and having a path laid out before you that you know He's chosen? Yay, Bailey! That's so awesome that you got that first-ever scholarship! I'm so happy for you!!!

    (Here is where I insert a million more smiley faces)

    =) =) =) =) =)


  4. Remind me that youtube is blocked on this computer. ;)

    Just so you don't feel bad, when August comes around - I'm going to be bawling every night. I'll never be the same.

    So, I was happy you got accepted -- but I wasn't too excited...

    I know. I like to keep you all to myself. ;D

  5. Congratulations!! That's wonderful news. I know you will do very well at college. I hope you will continue to blog. ;-)


  6. You are so adorable. And awesome. And if I wasn't already insanely excited for you, your excitement in the video was just plain contagious. And I'm so happy for you.


    *big, happy, ecstatic hugs*
    <3 <3

  7. WOOOO-HOOOOO!!!!! = )

    I'm so excited for you, but I have to admit I'm not the least bit surprised!

    And I have to apologize if I didn't seem excited enough yesterday when you told me in person. I was thinking selfishly of how you won't be here next year. Or the year after. Or the year after that. Or the...*sigh*...I have to stop that now. It's making me a little sad.

    BUT, I truly am thrilled for you! Elated! My cup runneth over!

    (I'm also delighted you'll still be able to work at camp this summer.)

    Love you.

  8. I really enjoy reading your blog, and have awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award. You can stop on by my blog to check it out. :)

  9. Congratulations! I hope college goes well for you. Do keep blogging. :)
    I have the same thing, thinking something 'common-place' is a HUGE step. I mean, people younger than me have written resumes, had job interviews, applied for colleges, bought cars... and here I am scared silly to think of it! But yes, walking by faith and not by sight, comforting and scary. :) On another note (from your post a few days ago) I haven't had a crush on any actor/movie character, but I have had a crush on a book character. Will Deal of A Lantern in Her Hand if you are wondering.

  10. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew you would get in, Bailey! I just knew it! They'd have been so stupid to turn you down!!! :-D :-D :-D Isn't the Lord good???

    Congratulations!!! *Blows a really loud party horn and throws confetti all over the living room*


    *grumbles under her breath as she hauls out the vacuum to clean up the confetti*

  11. Did you hear that Bailey? Did you hear? That distant but clearly loud SQUEE? Yeah. That was you're super-duper excited Alexxus. Why was she excited?


    As if you don't know.

    I am so happy for you!!! I've been hoping and praying this would happen for you. Woooohooooo! :)

    Lots of SQUISHES being sent your way!


  12. Oh my goodness, Bailey - I've never seen you excited before, and you're right, you're EXACTLY like Rapunzel. Forget animation; you could have played her! (Okay, so you'd have to add a wig...)

    *clears throat*

    On quite another note, major congratulations and three cheers! I'm so excited for you, for this wonderful opportunity. May God bless you in your college years!

  13. YES!! Bailey I'm so happy for you! I got an acceptance letter on Thursday too and I. am. EXCITED!!! I don't know about you, but every time I tell people I got accepted, they tell me, "wow you must be really smart." Hahahahahaha....uh, not really.

    So anyway, if everything works out financially, I'll be coming to Hillsdale, and we'll be going to college together!! How cool is that?


  14. You seriously crack me up!!! I am so enjoying your fun personality and know God is using you to glorify him!

    I get the chills when he showers us with presents! This is a huge present, well deserved, but must be a pure joy for the gift giver as well.

    The video cracked me up! Seeing dreams come true is amazing. I can't wait to see it unfold. I'm jumping up and down for you over here!

    Jackie Wilber

  15. Lizzy, thank you for humoring me. :D

    Justine, everyone knows that book character crushes are totally appropriate........

    Vicki -- LOL! Happy Cleaning!

    Alexxus, I hear you! I hear you! *SQUISHES BACK*

    Allison, Disney was this close to hiring me.

    MADDIE! OHMYGOSH! CONGRATULATIONS! I'll be praying for finances to work out. How many times have you read your acceptance letter? Because I've read through the packet about twenty times already and STILL get excited.

    Thank you, Mrs. Wilber! Thank you so much.

    And all you girls -- *BIG HUGS* I love you so much. You make me laugh.

  16. That's GREAT!

    Very happy for you. =)

    Even though I read your post before I watched the video, I still fell for the joke at the beginning of the video. Yep. Sigh.


    I totally agree with Allison!
    Wow! You are so much like Rapunzel!
    Your excitement and joy is contagious. =D

    Thank you for sharing. =)

    Christ's blessings,

  17. I totally went *squee* and Huh? when you stuck up your right hand.

    Yeah, I can do that at the same time. :P


    As a side note:

  18. Yay :)! But, I must say, it won't be the same without you here in Wisconsin while you're in Michigan...:( Same with Stacy...I'm going to bawl when she leaves...*sniffles*

    Anyways...congrats ! I knew you would get accepted :) Love you.

  19. That is fantastic, Bailey!!!! It is amazing when you see God's truths play out in your own life. I encourage you to stay true to YOU, for He made you just the way you are... your life can't fit in a mold and I'm beyond thrilled that you see the light. *dancing around* I'll be praying for you as you begin the journey, sister. (hug) Cassandra @ the unplugged family

  20. Yay! Yay! Congratulations! That's so amazing and cool! Praise God. :)

    Did I tell you that I'm accepted, too? I have not gathered any scholarships yet, though. ;)

  21. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you!! I know this means so much to you and I'm SO glad God opened these doors for you! :)

  22. Congratulations! And let me just say, you and I could be twins. I'm just as hyper when I'm excited, if not more. ;P

    eve @ essence of eve

  23. CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!! I'm sooooo happy for you!!! :) <3

  24. How exciting!!!! If I was planning on going to college, Hillsdale would be at the top of my list. I've been receiving and devouring every Imprimis issue we get for as long as I can remember. I hope you continue to blog as your college schedule allows, would love to know more about the school from a student's perspective. I just registered for the Constitution lectures (just for fun of course), but getting to attend school there would be even better.

    And I didn't fall for that right-handed trick there Bailey. Sorry : )


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