Introducing My New Room...Again

2:00 AM

At my three-year-old Blues Clues birthday party, a girl tried to blow out my candles. I snapped, "It's my birthday." We caught it on tape. Nobody ever lets me forget it. Even at three, I was territorial, very fixed on having a special place, a special time, a special something "just for me."

It's my birthday.

We're all like that sometime. In a world we won't let own us, in a busy life that oftentimes does, we crave space. We crave a territory. We want to put down roots in something untainted by another's opinion, in a place where we can breathe and create and reconnect with ourselves - and something greater than ourselves.

I think that's why women love home. I never understood it before, the womanly obsession with vacuuming and decorating. Why not throw a rug over the unswept floor, hide the dirty dishes under a towel and keep that ugly couch? That was my logic. (If you saw my desk, you would know why.)

Then I got my own room.

Follow the philosophisation over at Raising Homemakers today! 
(You know you want to.)

P.S. I'm over at Struggles of a (Maybe) Teen Author today, writing a birthday letter to a special sixteen-year-old. 

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  1. The reason you don't put a towel over dishes in the sink is because the food gets caked on. And the reason you clean your desk is so your little sister can find whatever she left on there. :)


  2. My room is my territory...:) I love to clean it-I like my domain to be neat and which I boast sometimes that my room is the cleanest in the house...but, it really isn't:) When it comes to putting decorations on the wall...well that's another thing :) I'm scared half to death of ruining the sacred walls or finding that the decoration didn't quite "go":) Thus, that is why I hadn't put up some of my decor in my room until a year later... lol !

    Loved the post...


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