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12:52 PM

raising homemakers

I know an amazing young lady. When it comes to homemaking, she can do anything. Anything. Sew a Civil War ballgown in an afternoon? Yep. Deep clean the bathroom with the explanation of, “I was just bored”? You bet. Whip up scrumdiddliumptious desserts on demand? Better believe it!
Unfortunately for you, she chooses to be my personal younger sister and make cookies for me only…I am sorry to say she is not for hire.

Now, the odds of Bethany and me being sisters don’t match the fact that we, indeed, are. I like brownies and ballgowns as much as the next person, but I haven’t the knack for them, much less the obsessive enthusiasm. It takes strenuous motivation to convince me to look up from my pink notebook, theological websites and 500-page classics. Truth be told, it shocked me to find out I was contributing to this website: they got the wrong Bergmann sister!

Not that I sit in a corner and refuse to wash dishes. Not that I think sewing is a lesser skill than taking a swing at political philosophy. It’s just that it doesn’t naturally occur to me that the room is messy or that apple pie would go perfectly with tonight’s meal or that a simple furniture change in my bedroom would transform it into something wonderful.

Perhaps you have a little girl who’d rather hole herself away with anything but pins and needles. Perhaps you’re that girl yourself. In any case, do not fear—it’s entirely possible to shape a non-homemaking-bent girl into a willing participant. My mother did that with me—without, I think, consciously knowing.

Interested? Here’s what she did.

Read the rest @ Raising Homemakers today!

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4 impressions

  1. This is such a wonderful post. Would you please bring it over to my party?

    I'm also thinking of starting a blog for teens and I will have to contact you if I do. Blessings!

  2. Oh dear, that poor girl you mentioned in the beginning must be suffering from some sort of disease.

    Bailey, you're unique. You're special. I wouldn't want my older sister to be knitting (*coughs* please, no!) but I'd rather see her sitting reading The Communist Manifesto. I love bragging about you. Telling everyone my sister reads the dictionary. Believe me, anyone who writes or thinks as smartly as you do makes up for the holes is "homemaking". Who said homemaking was all cleaning, baking, crafting, and whatever?

    Besides, you do love to mop.

  3. Aww, Bailey. You mentioned my humble little quilting bee? You've just made my day happier. :)

  4. Thank you, Bailey! That was encouraging!
    I have some of the same problems you have. I would be happy to sit in my room all day, reading, writing, and drawing. But then I find myself lost as to the little details of how the house works. I'm going to ask my Mommy to read this post, too.
    I am motivated!


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