Week of Controversy

7:30 AM

Me, tongue-tied, scatter-brained but very sincere. Hi.

At least give me credit for figuring out YouTube?

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  1. I think some of this can be applied to both guys and gals. God has a plan for us. His plan is different than our plan and we need to remember the quote "The best [human] plan only works until the first arrow flies." - Robert Jordan.

    Our plans can go awry so easily. We need to think, What is God's plan? When we follow Him, we will understand it better and adhere to it better.

  2. Thank you for doing this video, Bailey. You have such a sweet heart and I was able to agree with your past post even more when you explained what you'd written with your lovely voice. :)

    As a young woman who could be SO easily labeled as a "stay at home daughter" (simply because I've never wanted to go to college and had decided this without my parents saying anything!), I appreciate how you see that God calls His daughters differently. I think of Amy Carmichal (I'm sure I didn't spell her last name right)... going off to be a missionary doesn't really fit with the "stay at home daughter" label, does it? Especially since she was unmarried. She was used mightily of God, as were many more female missionaries. Then there is also Corrie Ten Boom who was still single and rescued Jews while still living at home with her father. God can use you either way, as long as you are following Him wholeheartedly. There is definitely still a difference between men and women (obviously, since I don't like dragging washers and dryers up and down the stairs and am not as physically capable... just as a funny example), but I think it is very important that we know who we are in Christ and live to glorify Him whether we're married, single, engaged, courting (or dating), widowed... whatever!!! If we are glorifying Him, He will make the rest clear.

    As one who is in a courtship and looking towards a young marriage, I'm so thankful that God got a hold of my heart and showed me how I can serve Him while I'm still single and has been able to use me in my church and community and beyond. The single years aren't years to be wasted waiting for your prince. He has already come and his name is Jesus.

    May God bless you as you follow Him!

    In Christ,

  3. Really, I think it's horrible that you didn't catch me slamming the washer door in the background.

    But I can't agree with you.

    JK. I wasn't able to finish the video because you told me to shut it off. I was truly interested. But since I did listen to your 500 hour talk with mom (before I played Uncle Wiggly with Daniel) I think I can get the jist of it. So I do agree. :)

    By the way, I learned about generalizations in logic.

  4. Well said. You speak as eloquently as you write! :)


  5. The head of the nail has been hit. :-D Thanks Bailey. And I support you wholeheartedly too.


  6. Bailey,
    EXCELANT video. I agree totally!

    My blog is called “Stay-At-Home Daughter” for several reasons one being that is what I am, a daughter who is choosing to live in my family’s home. Using this name does often cause people to draw a conclusion about me and a stereotype often comes to their mind. I have found that using this name draws those who associate with the patriarchy movement (not necessarily a bad thing) to my blog where I do my best to share the truth of God’s Word and not present extrabiblical applications as something everyone must follow. This name also draws those who are curious but critical of the title and exposes them to the truth of the Gospel which I try to proclaim often.

    Ultimately the goal of my blog is to glorify Christ and encourage others to do so as they follow His unique will for their lives.

    And for what it’s worth I understood what you were trying to get across in the first place. I do think the video was a very good thing for clarification’s sake and I agree with your video wholeheartedly!

  7. Thanks Bailey, well put :)

  8. Very good point. So, so true.

    I enjoyed both your post and video on this subject.

    I have also been changing my ways. I had read so much more and a few other books about three years ago. I too was legalistic. God graciously sanctified me and changed my mind set.
    Every ones' calling is different. But our focus should always be on Christ.

    Thank you so much for sharing!
    You can explain yourself very well. I loved the video. :-)
    Nicely said.


  9. It's nice to put a voice to your face. :) And I agree with Kristin; you really do speak as eloquently as you write.

    Thanks so much for doing this, Bailey!

  10. Very well stated.

    As you know, I disagree concerning some of your secondary premises, but not your main premise.

    I only ask you to prayerfully consider your responses when others choose a way you would not recommend for their life.

  11. wowza. very well said...you are a wonderful speaker:)

  12. This is such an insightful and inspiring video... but that doesn't surprise me, coming from you, Bailey. I'm going to send you a personal email to talk further. (big hug)

  13. Bailey,
    I've been following your blogs for a long time now... 6 months? a year? I don't know. But it has blessed me greatly during that time. I don't think I've ever commented before but after watching this video I had too.

    Your sweet and gentle spirit was so evident and your voice was so articulate. I could as sat there and listened for hours, but alas! you only went for 8 minutes. :) But it wasn't just your outer qualities that stuck me but instead the message that you were getting through to your readers (listeners).

    I would listen to more of these!
    Thank you so much.

    In HIM,

  14. Your video was so well done, and the little introductory sequence is so cute! I loved listening to you talk.
    I think I understood already what you were trying to say in your posts, but thank you for clarifying, and adding your sweet voice and genuine manner to help.

  15. Bailey,

    Thank you for this video. You've made a very important point that all believers ought to think about: the words of God should have more influence on our lives than the words of people. Often both will agree, but not always.

    Our goal is to seek to follow CHRIST together, not to follow each other. We don't want to be like the Corinthians saying, "I am of Jasmine, and I am of [insert name of another young author or blogger]." Instead, we should go to the Bible together to find out how to follow Christ.

    I love reading (and listening to) your blog! Keep it going.



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