The Secret Life of Homeschoolers

7:30 AM

This is why we're so smart.

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  1. This video is so funny!!! It truly displays your family except for the lack of two of your sisters and two of your brothers. I only saw Caroline, Daniel, Joshua, Bethany, and you. Where were the rest? Why can't I have this much fun when doing school work?

  2. :) Aw, very nice, dearies!

    Ya'll look so...industrious!


  3. lol:) - I guess that almost says it all.

    Isn't home school great!? Not only do we have creative options for how we learn things, but we get to spend time together as family.

  4. By the way, I still need to finish that essay. But it's on the laptop. And Chrisitan stole it.

  5. Tuathal: Sadly, this is all too true. The video captures us perfectly. That's Sarah you saw (hanging like a little lady on the couch back). Everyone else was probably...well, you know...doing school. Unlike Some People.

    Kara: LOL! Aren't we? Love your new pic!

    Anna: Oh, yes! Not doing school with one's family is the best way to go about doing school. ;o) I love homeschooling.

    Bethany: O.o He stole it? How dare he!

  6. @ Tuathal - we'll gladly come and disrupt your future for graduation from college forever. :) Caroline would happily sing "Muffin Man" until your ears fall...

    Bayleaf - forgot to mention that while I did math, I ate a sloppy joe. It's the best way to think. Plus blaring Emma and Celtic Woman to make sure everyone is aware that math is underway. (Did you know, in problem 23, they managed to sell 2 copies of Algebra for the Holidays! at full price. Which I figured was $20. :)

  7. You mean to say that we'd come crash Jake's honors dorm with loud children and the Muffin Man in order to give him the full homeschool experience?

    Let's do it.

    Well, I read post-high school stuff from the guidance counselor while eating cheese-smothered tator tots. I rather think that's the best thinking meal. Just saying.

    You must be an amazing saleswoman or a miserable con artist to convince anybody to buy algebra for the holidays. Unless they were math geeks...or extremely gullible.

  8. I've seen that happen before---trying to do a video update like a regular teenager would do...and all the little siblings come and stick their cute little faces in front of the camera. :) Ahhh...

  9. Bailey. Bailey.

    I hear it.

    I hear the northern accent.


    Oh, deareth, why hath thou betrayth thy roots?


  10. WHAT? I do NOT have a Northern accent!!!

    I just don't have a Southern accent...and never have.

    *goes away and sobs*

  11. Haha.Looks like us,so we're not the only one who homeschools like this!Love it :)

  12. Be careful. We will start to identify with how old Caroline was when we started to read your blog.


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