A Question Lately Asked

7:30 AM

 After spending several hours in the hot sun, changing from outfit to outfit in the mirror-less park bathroom, going in and out of the Cruiser and doing numerous touchups to my windlovin' hair, my photographer asked me, "So what are you going to do with all these senior photos?"

I suppose it never really occurred to me to ask why. Everyone took senior photos. The ebb and flo of photogenic teenagers from high school to college seemed to me as normal as fall to winter - and much more pleasant.

But here I was, with a good three-hundred something photos of me (which is rather frightening, like the E.T. shampoo bottle topper in my grandma's bathroom).

The question was, What to do with them?

I hadn't the slightest clue.

Oh, no.

That does present a problem, doesn't it?

 Of course, my trustee friendlings volunteered to help me out. Here they cling to each other for comfort as the fearless photographer checks out the alley next to the pub. Smalltown Wisconsin. What can I say?
Now there was some difficulty in convincing me that if I hung out into the street, I would not end up smashed into a car. At least, I finally convinced myself, I would be smashed next to a lovely pole. And that's a pleasant thought.
I felt safer hanging out in the pedestrian zone.
Which was odd, because why would any pedestrian be crossing from the pub corner to the bricked-in alley across from it?
 I couldn't understand it.
In other news, there was a senseless jailing in a neighborhood. Their crime? Trespassing on their stairs, which ended up to be a good prison, too.
Someone stole the camera and found better subjects of photography. I just couldn't compete with them. (By the way, their hit new single "Cool Kid at the Park" topped the charts yesterday.)
You know you've grown up comparatively little when your mother mentions that this was your three-year-old smirk.
Not that I encourage maturity or anything. (There was a soaring church tower behind me in the sun glare, which was discomforting, considering I was clutching a bunch of flowers like One of Those Ladies in White Who Walk with Them Down the Church Aisle. Alternatively, I was standing over running water, which reminded me of Ophelia's drowning. Hamlet, you know.)
Naturally, thinking of little flowers and Ophelia and the Lady of Shalott and "If I Die Young," it took a little guts to wade into the water. You sure about this, Stacy?
Even though my photographer is the epitome of class, and she did try to get me to position my hand just so over a strategic lock of hair to produce a sophisticated senior photo look, I like this me better.
This would have a lovely idea were it not for the dirty feet.
This was a lovely idea too, a little house in the Pioneer Park next to the historical wood working shop...until we saw the NO TRESPASSING sign in the window.
Fairy light.
The girls loved the door. They loved the shot. I admit the door's just beautiful, but the girl looks a bit too grown-up - a gross deception, as you have seen. This just oozes hypocrisy.
Bailey: I think this is private property.

Stacy: Any minute big men with guns will come out on the porch.

Bailey: Oh, no!

Stacy: Keep smiling!
And after all that...we got some pretty good shots.

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  1. And the award for Cutest, Loveliest, and Bring a Smile to Your Face Senior Photos goes to...Miss Bailey. :)

    Love the photos and the commentary on each. This seriously just made my morning.

  2. Whoa, Bailey - get with the program. You misspelled "flow," one of the sentences is a GLARING misplaced modifier and another is so awkward.

    And you call yourself a grammar geek?

    (I love writing blog posts on minimal sleep. Not.)

  3. Beautiful pictures! My favorite is the one with the three-year-old smirk. Or maybe the dirty feet pic! LOL Seriously, you look very natural and there is nothing wrong with going barefoot in the grass. :-)


  4. I like them, Bailey! Both pretty and cute. :)
    My sister and I tried to take a few senior pictures, but they all turned out blurry...

  5. Oh, I so oughta strangle you for posting that photo. ;)

    You really should've followed the trend of sitting in the water in a prom dress. *shutter snap* Beautiful. $1000000 downt the drain.

  6. So pretty, Bailey!!! I love these!

    My senior pics were so taken by my mom in my backyard. :P Yeah... we do things the simple way. I'm saving the money so I can have realy photographers at my wedding someday! ;)

    Again, LOVED the pics and the commentary. My friends and I once got a picture at a really cool location only to find out it was restricted and we really shouldn't have been there... oops!!! :)

    God bless!

  7. BEAUTIFUL! You're just about the prettiest little sister ever, dearest! ;)

    I love these photos. You better send me a new portrait for my wall. ;D

  8. You look beautiful! Looks like you had a lot of fun! Who all did you have go with you?

    Where all did you take pictures?

  9. The fairy light one was gorgeous. I'm a sucker for ethereal shots :o)

  10. Rachel - one of my best friends took my photos. I think she's professional. Didn't she do a great job?

    Kara - We took photos around Clintonville. Stacy took the pics and Sarah, Flop and one of our college students, Christina, came along for the ride.

  11. By the way...these are just the outtakes. :D

  12. Bravo! Bravo! What lovely ladies! =)

    Looks like your senior pictures are going to be some
    good ones - especially if those are just the outtakes! I have to say, my favorite ones are probably the three with the "PED X-ING" sign. They're funny. ;-) Plus, your dress in those pictures is super cute!

    Never mind, I just reviewed them and my favorite picture is the ninth one from the bottom. Or the twelfth from the top. (There has GOT to be an easier way to say that!)

    Beautiful, beautiful!

  13. Bahahaha! E.T. shampoo??? That made me laugh.

    The pictures were great! I love the one of you looking over your shoulder/standing in the water.

    Everly :)

  14. By the way, does this mean you will be graduating this year?

  15. You are SO beautiful!
    I can't decide which one is my favorite. I really like the last one and the third to last. Gorgeous.

    I think I need to steal your outfits. Where did you get the silver/white/and black dress?
    I love it!

    Any way.
    You really should post some of the not outtake photos. Although I have to say these are quite amazing outtake photos. :-)

    Thank you for sharing your adventure. You made me smile, you made me laugh, you made me cry. (Well, I'm exaggerating a little...)

    Have a lovely day!


  16. Aemi: Yeppers! I graduate this spring. I've been working on my graduation speech since sophomore year, so I'm a teensy bit excited. ;o)

    Leah: Oh, thank you! You're so sweet. It's this uber expensive dress that I saved up for years.

    JUST kidding. It's a $15 Goodwill find. I fell in love with it and splurged. Now I have no money. :P

    LOL! You can try to steal it, but I stole - er, borrowed - the yellow shirt from my friend. It'd be a double steal. ;o)

  17. Ah ha! Maybe I do have a small chance on getting my hands on a dress similar to yours. After all Goodwill is one of the most sophisticated stores out there. (One of my favorites at least!) I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

    I guess it would be mean to steal someone's shirt. Especially since it would be a double steal! ;-)

    Cute none the less.
    You have good style.


  18. Lovely! The last two are my favorite - and any of the confused ones. I love confused faces in photos. They make my day. Or days, as it happens.

    And hey, you could probably edit out your dirty feet. ;)


  19. Bailey, these are BEAUTIFUL. And what to do with them? Save them. Cherish them. Look back on them when you're 28 and wonder, 'where did the time go?'. (hug)
    PS. Really love the one with you standing in the water and the one after that. So pretty.
    Cassandra @ Unplug Your Family

  20. Great post. Great pictures. :) You're so funny, Bailey.

  21. I have to agree with Bethany... I, too, will strangle you when I see you,for posting that hideous picture of Bethany and I.

    This post was great ! And you looked beautiful in your pictures:)

    Much love !!!


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