Irresponsible Women

2:00 AM

Always, women possessed power.

For the love of a beautiful woman, Troy was destroyed, Uriah murdered, young men fell into a pit of immorality. Women, in every society, whether oppressed or free as a whole, have ruled—literally like Jezebel, Cleopatra and Esther, for good and bad. Abigail rescued her fool-husband from King David’s fury. Tamar tricked her father-in-law Judah into sin. Salomé danced for the head of John the Baptist. Solomon’s wives led the wisest man in world’s history into dark paganism.

In our culture, women have been painted as victims primarily—indeed, many women today are victimized, exploited (by both men and women) and, fair enough, the major civilizations never had problems of female chauvinism until today. But whether cultures admitted it or not, women have always held power—always and in various ways. And where woman has ruled, she has ruled supremely.

And she’s smart. She knows a plight of victimization gains many more dollars and much sympathy, and a movement of female empowerment still swamps culture today, redefining (and even obliterating) what it means to be woman, to be female, feminine.

I don’t believe in a woman that is second-rate creation—no, and God forbid we think so. She is capable of intelligence; she is, like man, capable of great power—and thus equal opportunities of great good and great corruption. Anyone who underestimates what women can do deals themselves embarrassment and possibly something worse. Women constantly underestimate themselves by seeing discrimination and oppression everywhere, and thus we’ve dug ourselves into a hole of hostility, of woman vs. the world.

Modern woman has proved her point, and agreed: women are capable of almost everything, if not everything, that men can do. Their intellect and ability and what have you isn’t the question anymore.

This is the question: How far should she go?

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NOTE: Due to some sensitive subject material covered in the rest of the article, this is for older readers only.

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  1. Wow... well written, Bailey. Wow, again. :)

    God bless!

  2. What a very thought-provoking article, Bailey. :) I enjoy many other posts from "Unplug your family".

    So, guess what? My mom figured out what was wrong with our computer where it wouldn't let me comment on Blogspot. It's fixed! Whoop! You shall expect many comments from me. :)

  3. Read your article... very well done. I especially liked what you said about how we demand (rightly) that men restrain their greater physical power. I never thought about that in comparison with the power that we have simply as women over the minds of men. Sure, maybe we'd like to wear whatever we want - and maybe they'd like to force women to obey them... but that's right for neither of us. Interesting... thanks for a thought-provoking article! :)

  4. yeow!

    I'm old enough to read this post, but I'd appreciate not having to see the pictures... my little siblings are running back and forth, so I can't risk having that page open.


  5. ALEXXUS! Yay! Your mother is my heroine. :o) *hugs*

    Anon, I am sorry you were offended. I wasn't responsible for the photos in the post, so you might want to express your concern on the actual site for Cassandra, the blog moderator. Blessings!

  6. Mine too! Haha! Apparently on our kid's filter, is was counting the pop-up to comment as "internet chatting", so it was blocking it. But my mother fixed it, all is good, and I'm going a bit crazy commenting....haha :)

  7. Bailey,

    I wondered if they weren't your pictures...

    I understand. Maybe I will go mention something on her blog.

    Thanks for your kindness!

  8. I absolutely love your blog! You are very wise for having recently turned 18. :) I wanted to finish reading this post, but it looks like it was taken off of Unplug Your Family. Do you still have your copy? If so, would you email it to me at mvanbure@students.solano .edu (just remove the spaces. Thanks and best wishes for a happy, blessed Thanksgiving!



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