Where, Oh, Where Has My Little Blog Gone?

7:30 AM

Without this blog post, you will have questions: Why the dearth of blog posts? Why isn't Bailey responding to my comments? Why aren't my comments showing up?

The answer is that I am a cruel blogger and want to leave you in limbo rather than laying out a blanket blog break. I am not on a blog break. I am merely in places where computers cannot be accessed. To where and for what reason am I going to such pockets of the Stone Age?

Stint One :: Counselor in training (July 1-9). I am sixteen. I qualify to be a camp counselor. I am sixteen. I need to be trained to be a counselor. Hello, my name is Bailey; I am sixteen; and I am going to spend a week at camp studying, training, cleaning cabins, doing ropes courses and other labors of preparation for Stint Three (kindly see below).

Stint Two :: The grand old state of Texas (July 13-23). The good news is that I'm taking Spirey, my beloved laptop with me (Spirey, these are my lovely friends; my lovely friends, this is Spirey, my beloved laptop). Whether or not all motel stops will have free, accessible wi-fi is the bad news. It's kind of iffy. But I will be relishing the chance to blog on the road and tell you all about my cousins' new in-ground backyard pool we're going to be living in for a few days. Literally. Having said all that, do not wish for anything too profound, because I have been aching to visit my homeland and my home family and would much rather experience it in person than commentate on it online. Stay tuned for Traveling with Ten in a Packed and Cramped Twelve-Passenger Van after We Have Sung 99 Bottles of Coke on the Wall.

Stint Three :: Bunking with a cabin of middle schoolers (July 24-30). This isn't sure as gospel, as there are other older (read: more mature) counselors out in the world. For awhile I wasn't sure I was ready for playing out the living, breathing example of Christ these precious girls would be learning about that week -- but I feel the Lord gave me the go-ahead and the confidence. When He provides the job, He provides the strength to complete it. I will accept either decision of His, to go or to stay, but I am eagerly hoping to counsel this year.

Okey-dokey? There still will be some scheduled posts up during my weeks away (even some fabulous guest posters), so do not travel too far from the big house. Have a blessed and busy summer, friends, and may we meet again soon.

-- The Moderator

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6 impressions

  1. Texas? Really?

    *ponders* ...

    (talk about concise..)

  2. You're coming to Texas?! Yay!


  3. That is funny... Everyone is gone sometimes! :) Don't feel too bad. ;)
    Be Blessed~

  4. You go, Bailey! Wooo, climb those ropes! Mentor those girls with confidence! Sing that 99 bottles of coke on the wall song one more time! And do enjoy that pool!

    ...Just wanted to shout some encouragement at you and let you know I'm thinking and praying for you while you're out on your adventures. :) Oh, and I'm really pumped for you!

  5. Camp counselor? Fun, fun. That's what Abby's been doing recently.
    Bailey? One the off chance that you read this comment before you check your inbox, I sent you a very important email. Priority mail. ;)

  6. 99 bottles of Coke in the wall, 99 bottles of Coke! Take one down...
    Oh. Hi. May I just say that, after FiNaLlY erasing that song from my memory, it will now be playing on repeat for the rest of the night. Thank you ever so much.
    Haha. What camp are you going to? I'm hoping to be a Counselor In Training at The Wilds, North Carolina next summer.


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