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10:21 PM

It was a mad rush home (actually seemed like two days of driving.) My dad dragged the camo bag, with the repulsive sticker of Oneida Casino* plastered on the front, up the stairs to our room which was in a state of unstateliness. Normally, you unpack your suitcase, but in this case (no pun intended), my sister repacked the dear piece of canvas.

By this time, you must've noticed the grammar change and the strange writing style similar to that of Marvin the Martian, so I won't fool you any longer.

Your dear Bailey has been shipped off to a Christian camp to counsel. I had second thoughts of leaving her there an entire week and I was having third thoughts when we drove up. Fourth thoughts. At least she got the cabin with the built in bathrooms.

"You have to walk at night to the bathrooms?"

"Yup, about 100 yards away."

But after finally locating Cabin 5 and dragging the camo bag (once again) into the premises, she seemed right at home. My last words were full of sisterly love,

"Don't fall off the bunk bed."

Guess who you're stuck with for a week?

*It is very hard to find a suitable bag big enough for two girls. Someday I plan to black out such words, but for now, explaining will have to do.

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  1. Wow, are you guys gonna be busy! :P Have fun!

    - Is Bethany with you?

  2. Bethany ! I'm glad you'll be posting while Bailey is gone :) Honestly I've missed your blog posts...* Sniff, Sniff * :)

    I'll tell you the piano playing experience on Sunday ! Love you !!

  3. Hey, Bethany!
    It's nice to hear from you. Don't worry, your style is different from Bailey's, but you are a good writer. Tell Bailey to have fun at camp!

  4. LOL! Actually, I had to walk all of about ten feet to the bathrooms -- I was mistaken about my cabins. They were as bathroom-less as could be.


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