From Sister to Sister

6:11 PM

It was hot pink scrapbook paper, with orange something-or-other plastered on the front. I don't remember why I chose this for a birthday card, but after all, my choices in girly scrapbook paper was limited. Besides, hot pink seems to go well with seventeen, don't you think?

I quickly scribbled a note in the middle of the card. It read:

Hear ye: all campers, counselors, etc. do not have permission to play any nasty birthday pranks. Signed: The Sister.

I thought it would really scare those prank doers if it was signed by the mother and father (The Sister is not very impressive.) Sadly, they didn't quite understand my wit (or maybe they just couldn't read my handwriting,) and wrote underneath:

Happy Birthday! Love, Mom

Happy Birthday! Love, Dad

No matter. Surely they'll understand that "Happy Birthday" really means, "Don't you dare do anything nasty to my daughter on her birthday!". We were told of the horrific birthday pranks which involve bringing along an extra bottle of shampoo for the birthday girl (if you know what I mean.)

I slunk upstairs (in the dark) and quickly unzipped the famous camo bag and slipped my card inside. I innocently climbed into my bed and started snoring (no one would ever guess, right?)

I know exactly what she'll say when she reads this post.

"Good grief, Floppeth, your grammar is atrocious!" And then smother me in a hug until I start screaming for breath.

I love my big sister. She's always there when I need it. Whether for a word of encouragement, a nice long talk, or a comforter on one of my tearful nights (*coughs*).

When she first started driving, she got into the habit of praying before we got out of the driveway (which, by the way, is a wonderful idea if you're driving with Bailey - I'm just teasing, darling, stop taking things so seriously!)


She patted the seat next to her and said, "We need to talk." I didn't quite agree with that remark, and I grudgingly quit my sewing and scooted next to her (big sister talks are awful at the beginning.)We talked for a bit, and we both parted happy...


"Oh, you want the skit we did for VBS? My daughter is a published online writer, and this is the script for the skit she wrote."

I just imagined my mother saying that while VBSers were clamoring for her simple skit for VBS. If you though her blog posts were hilarious, wait until you read her VBS script. I couldn't say my lines I was laughing so hard.

(That whole two paragraphs up there can be summed up in boring words: My Sister is a Great Writer.)

Her favorite phrase was, "I'm almost seventeen." Well now, dear sister - now you are seventeen.

Happy Birthday!

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  1. Aww. Loved this post, Bethany!

    Happy, Happy 17th Birthday, Bailey! I love you and am so happy that you are my friend. ^_^ *big birthday hugs*

  2. Awww, Sweet post, Bethany! :)

    Happy Birthday,Bayleaf! :) Hope you have an awesome time at camp!


  3. Happy Birthday, Bailey! I hope it is amazing.

  4. Awww...This is so sweet !

    *Sniff, Sniff* Can people stop getting older ! These birthday posts are so sentimental (sobs). First Bethany's birthday post, now Bailey's birthday post ! Please, give me a tissue...

  5. I am so glad that you and Bailey share such a deep bond of being sisters, but also best friends. Sibilings can really make an impact on each other's lives, and make life so much more special and I have learned with my three siblings. Never let your love for each other diminish, rather let it continue to grow each day! Thanks for honoring Bailey on her birthday Bethany. You're a great sister!
    Love, Stacy

  6. Happy happy birthday, Bailey, dear! Congratulations on turning 17! It's a good age.
    Bethany, that was such a sweet post.

  7. Happy Birthday, Bailey!

    My, Oh, My. Seventeen sounds so mature.. *sniffles* I remember when you were fourteen. It's amazing how time flies.

    I hope your birthday was awesome. :)

  8. Your grammar isn't atrocious and I would smother you in a hug if I knew where you were. (I've been home for two hours now and I still don't know in what corner of the house you're hiding.)

    You are so precious to me, Bethany. So very, very precious.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes, ladies! I love you all!

  9. I extend my most sincere wishes for pulchritudinous felicitations at the commencement of your eighteenth year of life.

    In other words ...


  10. Dear Bailey,
    Happy (belated) 17th birthday! Hope you're having fun at camp!!

  11. Happy Birthday, Bailey!

    Very sweet post, Bethany. :-)


    {Very nice post, Bethany :)}



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